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Sunday, September 27, 2009


“Michael Vick admits that what he did to dogs was cruel and barbaric, but now that he has served his time, he wants to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. He has pledged to make a long-term commitment to participate in our community-based outreach programs to steer inner-city youth away from dogfighting. At events with Michael in Atlanta and Chicago, we’ve seen him deliver a powerful message against animal cruelty. Like so many other major American cities, Philadelphia has a serious dogfighting problem, and groups like the Pennsylvania SPCA have excellent programs to combat dogfighting locally. We have not had any discussions with the Philadelphia Eagles and the team did not consult animal welfare groups about its decision, but we look forward to working together to combat the dogfighting problem in Philadelphia and nationwide.“
--Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society

Listen up. Today is the day that former dogfighting sponsor but now Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is able to play professional football in two years. Yes, he did his two years. Yes, it was a good thing for the Eagles to work with NFL head Goodell to give Vick a second chance. Yes, he is working with the Humane Society and talking to young kids using himself as a cautionary tale against dogfighting. Yes, he seems sincere. Like his play on the field, whether any of his efforts will turn out to be effective is anybody's guess. But none of this is the point. The real point is that dogfighting continues to be a lucrative enterprise and a tragic scourge on this country; and it is especially popular among urban youth.

According to a recent New York Times editorial, the federal government has just busted up an eight-state 400 dogfighting ring. It said the participants included a teacher and a Little League coach. It estimates that there are 40,000 such rings that offer dogfighting for rich bettors.

But here are a couple of good things The Daddy sees happening as a result of Vick's crime and subsequent work against dogfighting:

*The federal government has used Vick's case to pick up its work against dogfighting. According to the New York Times, they've been able to tighten laws in 6 states. And arrests are up.

* Since participating dogfighting has become increasingly the thing to do for urban youth, the Humane Society's use of Vick as a cautionary tale against dogfighting makes a lot of sense. They say his speeches to youth around Philadelphia against dogfighting appears to be effective. They say he is working not only with the Humane Society but with influential leaders like Pennsylvania's Governor Rendell, the mayor of Philadelphia and the NAACP.

But the utilization of Vick must be matched with a committed law enforcement campaign to tighten laws against dogfighting throughout the country. Tightening laws in six states is just a drop in the bucket when dogfighting is occuring all over the country. The real deal is this: if law enforcement does not tighten the laws and increase arrests against the sponsors of dogfighting, then all Vick's talk to youth engaged in dogfighting will ultimately mean very little.

So The Daddy wishes Vick successful as an Philadelphia Eagle; and he hopes he continues to parlay that success into an ongoing, committed and successful effort in getting the youth to understand the bestiality of breeding dogs to fight only to kill them later, when they get injured.

Do you think Vick could be helpful in steering youth away from dogfighting?


Anonymous said...

Yes he can help and I'm convinced that he will!

Oso said...

According to John Goodwin of the humane society Vick' contribution has been substantial.Goodwin remains skeptical about his motivation but is glad to get the anti-dogfighting message out.

My personal view is,if he can help then it's a good thing.Vick may be doing it for all the wrong reasons,or he may have "gotten religion". In either case,if it helps to get rid of this scourge then it's a positive contribution. Link to the story below:;_ylt=ArmDe5DThaiG0gBGd9JYgbdDubYF?slug=dw-vickhumanesociety092409&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Anonymous said...

He can definitely help off the field. And I can't wait to see how he does later this season once he digests the full Eagles play book.

I think he's going to resurrect his career. And don't be surprised if he winds up in Oakland next season. We could use him at quarterback.

Vigilante said...

Go Eagles!

MacDaddy said...

Oso: I agree. I personally believe he's sincere. But who care about his motivation! The truth is that inner-city or urban youth will listen to Vick and not these folks from PETA or the Humane Society.

Rock: Yes, I think he can help off and on the field. But Andy Reid needs to think of more creative ways to use his unique talent. He's a quarterback, but he's still one of the fastest guys in the football.

Vigilante: Yes. And I'm going out to buy me a Philadelphia Eagles cap today.

Vigilante said...

And I bet you a beer you are no more of a pointy-ball fan than I am?

Black Diaspora said...

I'm glad that you're bringing attention to this kind of animal cruelty.

It's a short distance from man's best friend to man himself.

How one can use dogs in a gladiatorial manner, pitting one against the other for monetary gain, is hard to imagine.

Michael Vick ought to be out front with this, as well as others who care about animals being used in such a cruel sport for our sick entertainment.

MacDaddy said...

Black Diaspora: Thanks. And I do believe Michael Vick will be helpful. He already beginning to hear good reports that his message is reaching youth. But his work against dogfighting must be matched by a determined and sustained effort by law enforcement to go after the big bettors. Otherwise, the entire thing will fizzle out in the end and dogfighting will probably increase.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Mac, you know I'm a fan of dogs, so keep this in mind when you read my perspective.

The 'system' is constantly seekng new ways to incarcerate minorities. These blacks and Latinos are then treated worse than the average dog. They share a cell with a floor size not much bigger than a large doghouse. Upon release as felons, they cannot vote.

Many of them enjoy a chicken dinner every now and then, yet the billions of chickens live lives far more inhumane than the dogs they abused. Makes me think that if black folks cornered the market on chicken production, Congress and the Humane Society would suddenly 'tighten up' laws to make that a crime, just like they have since the faces of dog fighters shifted from white to brown.

In the Vick's case, the media slaveship is the tool that furthered this purpose.

Until PETA and the Humane Society lobby apartment owners to allow renters to have a dog and/or waive the deposit fee, and ensure that spaying and neutering for pets belonging to low wage families costs $0, I can't take any of this as legitimate.

MadMike said...

I am no fan of Michael Vick and never will be a fan of Michael Vick. Regardless, as Daddy mentions, his cruel and vicious torturing and murdering of innocent animals was the clubbing that was heard around the nation. His crimes brought into the spotlight and thus into the view of law enforcement the cruel practice of fighting dogs. In this way Vick has proven to be of some use. In all other ways I have no use for him.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey again, Mac. I just stumbled across, this article. Excerpt:

..."if you're concerned with how the animals you eat are treated, hear this: chickens are probably the most abused animals on the planet...

The Humane Slaughter Act, a loosely enforced law that is supposed to reduce the suffering of animals killed for food, conveniently excludes all birds. That means that there are no laws on the books to protect chickens. They are kicked, punched, thrown around, have their legs broken, beaks cut off, and many are boiled alive in a defeathering tank when they are not properly slaughtered. All of this is legal... 24 million a day, 300 per second."

My bottom line: It's not convenient for the Chicken Lobby (lol, that sounds funny) to allow folks to get upset over the way chickens are killed. They taste great and feed us, so we look the other way. The corporate run media sets the agenda for our conversations. While they demonize Vicks, who apparently put no more value to a dog than a chicken, and used his actions to funnel more minorities and the poor into the corporate owned prison industrial complex.

I don't believe he gives a damn about dogs; he's just saving his career. As for :saving the poor urban youth" who make those bets - fat chance, they need the money... so they can have nice chicken dinner instead of chicken-flavored oodles of noodles.

LOL. I really should stop... lemme go walk my poodle and give him a hug.

MacDaddy said...

Kit: Welcome. I miss your insights. And you've given me some things to think about. I will do so.

MadMike: I like what you're saying: We don't have to like people to see how they can be used to make life better for human or any other animals. Thanks.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

People who have been there and gotten past it are always better at talking to people who are in it than those who don't know the experience.
Bravo for Michael Vick! He seems like a really stand-up guy.
I wouldn't have given him much chance a couple years ago.