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Sunday, November 8, 2009


"The United States Senate must follow suit and pass its version," Obama said. "I am absolutely confident it will, and I look forward to signing comprehensive health insurance reform into law by the end of the year."
--President Obama

Listen up. The Daddy said some harsh things about The Prez. Namely, he said The Prez was not being aggressive in pushing the Public Option in getting into law healthcare reform. I said in yesterday's post:

"The Prez today. The Daddy is upset that, at the precise time he needed to be on hill, fighting for the health reform bill, he was speaking to kids at some school. The Daddy is further upset by his lackluster stance on the Public Option, saying he would prefer it but he is willing to listen to people with other ideas as well. Remember: this is the most important part of healthcare reform and the most significant way to keep Insurance costs down. Remember: Inclusion of the public option is, ultimately, the way the healthcare bill is going to be judged."

The Daddy was wrong.

First, a brotha simply assumed that the Obama administration was not involved. Now that the bill has been passed, news has been coming out that the White House has been working closely with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Second, the Obama administration seems to have learned a key lesson from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when she was trying to get a healthcare bill out of the House: House representatives are very sensitive about White House intervention or influence. They don't like to feel they are being pushed around OR told what to do. Consequently, it was a good idea for The Prez to strike a balance between strong-are, aggressive intervention (which isn't The Prez's way of doing things anyway) and consensus leadership. The Daddy is happy to say The Prez's strategy won out on this one.

This historic bill , which represents the biggest overhaul of the U.S healthcare since Medicare, which no other U. S. president has been able to get of the house since Lyndon Johnson get out of the house in the 60's, places pressure on Senate Republicans to meet its obligations and go along with democrats or resign themselves to a party that has truly been the part of NO: a party that has failed to meet its date with history and turned its head away from that history and all Americans in the process.

President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Congrats:


Anonymous said...

Re: your wonderful sidebar: "Retired nurse Molly Sullivan, of Maple Grove, Minnesota, gave her reason for supporting Nancy Pelosi's healthcare bill coming out of congress: "...with premiums rising it’s hard to pay for food for Daisy," Daisy is her Australian sheepdog."

I called the author of this article as soon as I read it saying I wanted to finance some dog food etc for her dog, Daisy. He had received SO MANY calls already and said there were so many owners who already had to GIVE UP their dogs due to medical problems, foreclosure etc, that Molly asked that all donations be sent to the Animal Humane Society. Dog owners have such big hearts! :) XO

MacDaddy said...

XO: What a wonderful story! What a wonderful person that Molly is. But, as you know, she is not unique. She is just one of many dog lovers who have problems making ends meet, including how much food to buy for themselves and their dogs.

Thanks for following through and phoning the author of the story...I guess I think I'll have to do some follow through and send a donation to the Humane Society. Blessings.

MacDaddy said...

XO: I forgot to mention two things:
1: Molly is a retired nurse. Nurses make pretty good salaries, relatively speaking. So, if times are hard for her, if she has a hard time paying for food for her dog, a lot of other people are having even tougher times dealing with feeding their dog;
2: I'm surprised that the Obama administration hasn't taken advantage of heart-wrenching stories like Molly's to show how terrible the present healthcare business (and it is a business) is and what a good healthcare system would be much more beneficial in practical terms for the Mollys of this world.

One good thing I liked about Bill and Hillary Clinton is that they had the ability to communicate the plight of the working class or the poor through stories. What I've learned about the Obama administration is that they have the right ideas, but they often are not very good at communicating them to working people. These Harvard and Princeton trained staffers are not connected to common folks. And this includes Obama and his top assistant, Rahm Emanuel.

What a difference having some folks on his staff like Molly would make.