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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Feeling What Tami Said

A friend of mine phoned. "Hey, bro, what you up to, watching Keith Olberman? I know you like that brotha that comes on his show. What's his name?...Yeah. Eugene Robinson."
"Nope. No Keith Olberman tonight."

"Oh, I got it: You getting ready to watch some basketball-- watch the New Orleans Hornets beat them Dallas Mavericks, huh? You watch: Chris Paul gon kick Nobiski's ass and send him back to Europe before you can say Guinness. You watch: Chris Paul gon be the MVP." "It's Nowitzki. And, no, I wasn't planning on watching basketball."

"You sound funny. What's up? You sick or something?" "No, i'm fine. I'm just thinking about Tami, What Tami Said.

"What she say?" "Well, she said that white feminists don't care too much for black women. She said a few of them are alright, but on the whole, they ain't down with the Sistahs, or women of color, for that matter"

"Hey, I could have told Tami that. Oh, I get it: she's one of them Sistahs I saw you with at The Times, huh? Which one was Tami?" "No, Tami is a blogger who just wrote this post about how white feminists and women of color are not on the same page, about how the feminists have a hard time understanding the experiences black women go through to keep it together. But the Sistahs you saw me with are saying the same thing: the white feminists don't get it. Those Sistahs ought to know. They go to meetings with them. But you got to read it yourself. I'm just feeling What Tami Said."

"Uh huh...but are you gonna watch the second half of the basketball game? I could bring some beer." "Sure. Come on over. You can read What Tami Said during half time."

"Okay, so when I come over, you gon tell me which one of the Sistahs was Tami?"
"Don't forget the beer."


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Nice blog, DaddyBStrong!

MacDaddy said...

francis: Thanks. I'll be checking with you out at francis l. holland blog. Blessings.

Tami said...

Thanks for the love, Mac Daddy. I concur with Francis, great blog!

MacDaddy said...

Tami: Thanks for the work you do. We'll be visiting you at What Tami Said.

MacDaddy said...

Francis: Thanks for the love. I'll start the application process for AfroSpear tomorrow.

lmb said...

I'm here from Field's blog.

Having a dog in the fight that got Seal Press to yank those nasty pictures from Amanda Marcotte's book (we're not even going to get into how they're publishing their first hip hop feminist series by all white feminists *eyeroll*) I have some looooong stories for you.

(One of them involves Field's having tipped Francis as having broken the story when ABW and others were on it way long before. Now Francis is a standup brother, but brothas silencing sistas/giving us no credit is one of the only reasons to hang out with those women in the first place. But that's another loooooong story.)

I'll save them for those long winters when the sun is not out in Minneapolis.

MD, how did I miss meeting you when I was last there visiting my friends?

P.S. I'm'a run and pick up your book. I hope the story about how the young brothas gave you your moniker is somewhere in the preface. This is a nice blog.