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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Memo to Barack Obama

Memo to Barack Obama:

To end the primary sooner and to facilitate a smoother path to your nomination as the democrats nominee for President of the Unites States, do the following:

1. Decline future invitations to appear on Fox network. People who watch this propaganda network for the Republican Party won't vote for you. Besides, including today, you have already appeared on Fox twice.
2. Absolutely decline another debate with Sen. Hillary Tanya Harding Clinton. You've done 21 already; and let's face it: They're boring, alright?
3. Go back on college campuses and talk to thousands of students. Go to some factories and, wearing a hard hat, a white one too, say six times at a minimum that "NAFTA, which was begun by Bill Clinton and promoted by Sen. Clinton, takes precious jobs from Americans."
4. Call a press conference and, wearing a US flag pin (I know it's made in China, but we're talking photo op here), flanked by US flags, talk about the damage the Iraq war is doing to America: How it's killing our brave soldiers and taking away funds needed at the federal and local level to retrain workers, provide greater funding for education, affordable housing, improve infrastructure and to deal with the crisis in housing foreclosures. And say what you will do about it.
5. As you're kissing babies in shopping malls somewhere in suburban Indiana, have Michelle speak at a NOW (National Organization for Women) convention or special meeting about a woman's right to choose, a woman's right to privacy. And finally,
6. Hire another African American consultant. BTW...ah...i'm cheaper than Mark Penn...brotha.


Anonymous said...

Looking for a job, McDaddy?

Anonymous said... he asking rev. wright after explaining himself to white people to go back to Chicago and register 100,000 to 1 million new black voters, the ones that he cost barack after speaking to bill moyers and the ineffective Detroit NAACP meeting last week.

It appears that the spin doctors of Madison avenue are going to push Hillary in as the presidential contender after all.

When you go to Barack's aid, say hello to bro. Tyrone Funderburk, from Minneapolis. He is one of the advance people in Obama's campaign, doing the necessary door knocking and ground floor organizing. peace & hair grease. kwasi

MacDaddy said...

You know: Barack could stand by his denunciation of that snippet of Rev. Wright's speech and still point out the corporate media's lack of balance and fairness in their dealing with Wright's speech. No attempt to place the speech in context. No attempt to place Rev. Wright in the same mold of black minister/advocates as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who spoke out against the US government's involvement in Vietnam as pointedly (though perhaps more eloquently) as Rev. Wright spoke out against the Bush administration. And I think the public would understand. Hey, if I get a chance, And, i'll holler at Tyrone for you.

MacDaddy said...

Hey, Kwasi: Fox News, which couldn't stop playing out of context Re. Wright's speech and calling him an unpatriotic, angry black man, bills itself as "fair and balanced."

That one's good for a laugh, huh?

MountainLaurel said...

You've listed all the things I've been thinking. I hope he takes you up on them!

MacDaddy said...

Mountain Laurel: Thanks. Let's hope Obama can transcend the swiftboating and the corporate media to become our next president. Now, I know he won't be able to perform miracles, but i do think he will bring our soldiers home from Iraq and get a good healthcare plan and do something to help the country. Visit again. Thank you.