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Friday, February 6, 2009

Seat Al Franken: Obama Needs Him

Al Franken.jpgListen up. With the obstructionist, down-for-the-rich Republican Party in full swing, it's time to vote Al Franken to the senate to advocate for Minnesota and to get the national economy on the right track.

Check it: Unlike states like Illinois, Minnesota has a record of running clean elections. Its scanners are amazingly accurate; and they've already counted the votes by hand.

One of the arguments that Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty and others use is that, by Minnesota law, that, before a candidate can be appointed to the senate, he or she needs to have an election certificate. Well, the nation's constitution supercedes state law. Article 1 of the constitution states that "...each House shall be the judge of the election and returns … of its own members."And the Supreme Court has already affirmed the constitution by saying that the senate is free to honor or reject the winner of a state election. In 1896, the senate affirmed Article 1 when it appointed Republican Peter Dupoint to the senate against the wishes of the governor of Delaware, who refused to give him a certificate. And you may recall that, recently, the national senate approved Senator Roland Burris to the senate seat to represent Illinois. Burris did not have an election certificate.

Listen Minnesota judges: The votes have been counted and recounted. Coleman has lost twice. It's time to move on. In fact, former Sen. Coleman has already moved on and is working a new job as a consultant. End this already unnecessary trial so Franken can be freed to be seated to the senate.

Americans, especially Minnesotans: Tell Sen. Coleman something he already knows but refuses to allow his gigantic ego to admit: The party is over. It's time to call a day and an election. It's time to chill, concede and let Al Franken work with Sen. Amy Klobuchar to highlight Minnesota's concerns and issues, advocate for resources Minnesota needs to repair its weakened state economy and help President Obama's administration to turn the national economy around.


Anonymous said...

Al Franken gets angry anyone who doesn't agree with him. writes sexist stuff too.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Agreed Daddy. The result is obvious. It's not going to change. Time to stop the bullshit posturing and get on with it. I don't particularly like Mr. Franken and wouldn't want to have him over for dinner, but what you say is true and it's time to move on and get to work with the real issues facing this desperate nation.

rainywalker said...

Seating Al Franken is okay with me. But that will not solve the major problem inside the beltway. The Senate and House is controlled by the Democrats and and they can pass anything they want anytime in the next four years without one Republican vote. So why are 15 Democrats not buying into the jobs/pork bill? We have three choices, afraid of their jobs, listening to the American people or somthing is wrong with the bill.

MacDaddy said...

Anon: So you've brought the Republican propaganda about Franken, huh? Well, just to let you know, when Republicans attempted to find some video of Franken getting angry at someone, they had a hard time. So what did they d? They found a video of Franken speaking at dome democratic conference with him telling one of his campaign-trail stories where he appropriately tell of someone who got angry and used that...I hate to disappoint you, but the angry Franken stuff is highly exaggerated. The sexist accusation is entirely linked to his writing satire for SNL (Saturday Night Live). Pretty weak, don't you think?

Sagacious: Yea, I've heard that he can be abrasive or very passionate on occasions. But I would like to see dems become more assertive, even abrasive to right-wing Republicans. Yeah, let Obama operate above the frey, the nastiness, and let guys like Franken go after people like McConnell and McCain. It's kind of like hockey. Somebody has got to be the appointed guy to fight for the team.

Rainy: Yes, there were some questionable things in the bill. But Republicans miss the fact that most of them have to do with a safety net for low-income folk: tax things like tax cuts and unemployment. What they resent most of all is the volume of spending, because they're against spending, unless it goes to large corporations, wealthy individuals in the form of tax cuts or defense. They just don't want to say it.

Anonymous said...

Franken can't go to the senate until the trial is finished. Stick something you know about like music.

MacDaddy said...

"Franken can't go to the senate until the trial is finished. Stick something you know about like music."
Anon2: Thanks for dropping by. Hey, since I don't know you, I will not be presumptuous and assume that you're nothing but a pompous blowhard complete with elitist thinking (only the so-called experts can figure things out). Regardless, you might want to "read the fine print" again. I didn't the judges should not finish the trial and appoint Franken. I said they should finish the trial as soon as possible so Franken can be seated.Have a good day.

Stella said...

Oh, hell, what nonsense.

Here's the sexist (not) rerpot on Franken: Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken called former President Ronald Reagan and anyone who served in his Administration 'a racist and a sexist. [From ultraconservative Newsmax] Who am I to argue?

As Franken said, "Look, I'm not proud of every joke I've ever told," Franken admits in his newest spot (subscription), released Thursday night. "But I know there's a difference between what you say as a comedian and what you do as a U.S. senator."

Franken won. He deserves his Senate seat. Coleman needs to get over it for the good of the nation.