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Friday, May 8, 2009

Brayton meets Bishop Tutu, The Daddy hatin'

bishoptutu with journalists.jpg

That's Tutu in the center and Brayton on far left. The others were journalists. Braxton said Tutu was mostly interested in hearing what the students at MSU had to say.

“When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”
--Bishop Desmond Tutu
“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
--Bishop Desmond Tutu
"Be nice to whites. They need you to rediscover their humanity."
--Bishop Desmond Tutu

Listen up. Today, The Daddy is hatin' on Ed Braxton. Okay, maybe not hatin', but it's some serious envy. You see, recently Ed Brayton, a journalist out of Michigan, and co-founder of the Michigan's Citizens for Science, just got to meet Bishop Tutu, one of The Daddy's heroes. Tutu was giving a commencement address at Michigan State University. But guess what? Braxton got to attend a small gathering of about 40 people, listen to Tutu and even take a picture with Tutu afterwards.

When will The Daddy get to meet some of his heroes? Braxton, Anyway here's the story:

Dispatches from the culture wars

Posted on: May 8, 2009 9:30 AM,

by Ed Brayton

It was an enormous privilege to get to meet Bishop Tutu yesterday at Michigan State, and I owe a huge thanks to Julie Powers for inviting me to be a part of it. He is giving the commencement address at MSU, but the event yesterday was an informal gathering of the Episcopal group Canterbury. Julie is on the group's board and was kind enough to invite me to take part.

It was a small gathering, maybe 40 people. Many of them were Episcopal clergy in the area, including the local bishop, and many of them were MSU students involved with Canterbury. Bishop Tutu insisted that he meet with the students and clearly enjoyed talking with all of the young people there. Most of the time was spent sitting around a group of tables, with the students asking him questions.

He is a man of enormous personal charm and wit. When he walked into the room, he immediately began greeting each person individually, shaking their hands and asking our names. His energy at 77 years old would be remarkable for a man 25 years younger. His age did show a bit when, speaking to the students, he held up Bono and Bob Geldorf as examples of "young people" making a difference in the world.

For the full story, click here. And, Brayton, you know what? The Daddy still hatin'!


judy said...

What? Bono and Geldorf ARE youngins'! Love this post, Daddy. When you write a post hatin' on me, I'll know I just did something amazing. ;-)

MacDaddy said...

Hi, Judy: Yeah, those guys aren't youngins...I think you figured out that The Daddy's hatin' was a tad overblown. Actually Braxton seems to be a pretty decent guy. And his blog is cool. I'm coming to see you.

Revvy Rev said...

Great school and even greater Commencement Preacher. I've been scarce as well, but I like you am still in the struggle. Stay in touch.

Somebodies Friend said...

I think your hatin was a bit overblown on this one MacDaddy, but everyone has their moments don't they.

Keep up the good work Daddy.


MacDaddy said...

RevvyRev: Rev, if you've been scarce, I'm sure it was for good reason. Hopefully, the verification letters on your blog will be there and I'll be able to come and see you. Keep up the good work.

Somebody: You're right: My hatin' was a little selfish. But I'm glad I got you coming by to keep me in check...Hope everything is going well on your end. You know I and the readers here are still with you.

Vigilante said...

You're pitching everything I can't hit on this one, Daddy. Curves, sliders, and knuckleballs. Whiff, whiff, and whiff. I'm back, sitting on the pine, wondering when I'm going to see a fast ball again!

patti t said...

Great post -- love Bishop Tutu and it's always good to read about and feel the admiration a person (Braxton in this case) has for the person he is writing about. That comes through and so does McDaddy's admiration for Bishop Tutu. We know that when you are hatin' on someone that's usually a good thing. Saw your comment on Braxton's blog -- thanks for the link. And also for continuing to mix-it-up on your blog--I can feel good and upbeat one day, sad or angry on another, reflective and soul-searching, hopeful, educated, and/or inspired on other days, depending on where you take us through daddyBstrong. Thanks MacDaddy.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I know how you feel Daddy. I don't want a lot of their time, I just want to say a couple words to them.

MacDaddy said...

Vigilante: I don't know...Sometimes, starting a batter out on curve balls or sliders is better. Then, it makes it easier to challenge them on their inability or unwillingness to forgive a guy like Michael Vick ; or challenge them to remember a hero like Pat Tillman, though they really don't want to remember what the military did to him? Or to remember that a judiciary down in Georgia is about to take a man's life, an Americans life with little evidence out of revenge, not justice.

Fastballs, curve balls, sliders, you got to mix them up and keep em on the pine wondering what's next.

Patti: I do admire Bishop Tutu. I remember him as the leader of those reconciliation talks, how his leadership of those meetings helped to keep the country from falling apart. I also remember how tough it was for him to hear how South African police tortured innocent human beings and people fighting for their freedom like Steve Biko. I remember him sitting with on stage with other leaders and crying like a baby, forever wiping the tears from his eyes. Thanks for visiting.

Vigilante said...

LOL, MacDaddy!

Nun in the Hood said...

Hi, MacDaddy...It's been a while.....You might be hatin' on me if you knew that I have a Bishop T-shirt on today that says BE THE CHANE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. (actually a Ghandi quote and a picture of the Bishop)...You also might be hatin ' on me if you knew that last year at this time Bishop Tutu was in the CUB parking lot and spoke with youth at North High School...I was in attendance at both events. Just being in his presence is electric!!!
Have a good day....

Corey said...

Yeah! Bishop Desmond Tutu is one of my hero's too, macDaddy! You know, I don't think we (American blacks) give him the props he deserves - I think we've been sleepin' on him for far too long.

“When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”
--Bishop Desmond Tutu


MacDaddy said...

"You know, I don't think we (American blacks) give him the props he deserves - I think we've been sleepin' on him for far too long."
Corey: I think you're right. I think that's because we don't pay enough attention to foreign affairs, especially foreign affairs in Africa. Bishop Tutu is the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of Africa.

Nuninthehood: I could never hate on you. But The Daddy is envious.

David Wayne Hampton: said...

Awesome quotes from Bishop Tutu! He is a wise man, and should get more recognition in what he has done than sometimes the media gives him.