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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where do you want to travel this summer?

Listen up. The Daddy wants to ask you a question: Aren't you tired of the same routine, getting up in the morning and going to work and coming home in the evening, eating dinner and dozing off to lame jokes by either Leno or Letterman?

Aren't you sick and tired of being sick and tired of The Prez trying to fix the economy and 8 years of absolutely terrible foreign policy only to be harassed and strangled by right-wing Republicans whose physical features and dinosaur politics seem older than Moses' sermon on the mount?

Don't you think that even Ray Charles on heroin or Steven Wonder with braids shielding his eyes can see that you need to call a moratorium on all life as routine, all politics as b.s., and all stress and strain of go-get-em city life and get away?

But where do you want to travel this summer?

Well, The Daddy wants to go to Ireland or Ghana. But, most of all, he wants to go back to Madrid, Spain, He was a few years ago; and a brotha couldn't believe how well he was treated and how comfortable he felt there.

First, wherever he went, he was given a smile that seemed genuine.

Second, he was treated as a person, not a stereotype based on "other" preconceptions--as in possible robber, rapist, thug or Negro who is "an exception to your race."

Third, the police looked out for him (unbelievable to The Daddy). They were concerned about pick pockets and protected him and other tourists from them. He heard that the government looks out for the tourist-- tries to make sure it's a good experience, so they'll come back. Still, it was some good looking out.

Fourth, they laughed at his attempt to speak Espano but, in the end, thought a brotha was at least trying. And they often patted him on the back as he was leaving their establish, saying in espano' "Thanks for visiting. Come back again."

As The Daddy was leaving Madrid, as the airplane was reving up to take him back to the U.S., he penned this travel poem to say thanks to the people of Madrid who made him feel so comfortable as a tourist and so respected as a man:


Goodbye, Madrid


Old, restored building, and columns soaring
to blue skies capped with domes and horses and
bells that toll for me


Young girls, quick teens, sweet teens with smooth faces like
a baby's bottom, with small abs and be-jeweled navels above
jeans clinging tightly to bone hips and moist places and
attired like strippers from red-light districts but smiles like
cinnamon and a charm so innocent you want to
buy them ice cream and
send them home to mother


Old men and women, goodbye, loving couple, holding
hands while strolling narrow, crowded streets
watchful as she shifts her shawl, smiling between
taps from his cane.



Liana Cafe, goodbye cafe owner on narrow street off
Plaza Mayor, wearing smudged apron, clear eyes and a
broad smile, jesting
The Daddy's espano' is "worse than your Mr. Bush," slapping

a brotha's broad shoulders into a narrow street, saying
"Gracias! Gracias! Gracias, por su visita!"

Banker, short and balding and eyes deep-set eyes who
bank closed, unlocked the front door to apologize, to
,"Come back next morning. I assist you."
(Won't happen in US!).


Goodbye, Madrid
Good friends with deep-set but nice warm eyes and
open hearts

Goodbye. The Daddy's home awaits a tired but sated traveler
with strolling feet swollen but low spirits lifted and
heart soothed


Where do you want to travel this summer?


Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...
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Somebodies Friend said...

This broke ass nigga hardly has the gas money to get across town, and everyone is posting to rub it in to a broke brother, rubbin in where they will be off to this summer.

I haven't been on a vacation in 12 years, and from the looks of it, it will probably be 12 more.

The world is passing me by, and everyone else is doing their thing. Nothing like a broke ass nigga to get one right through the heart every time folks start bragging about their good fortune.

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...
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MacDaddy said...

Somebody: I hear you about the money thing. It's hard to stomach people talking about traveling outside the country when it's hard for you to get downtown or across town.

Like you,The Daddy doesn't have a lot of money. But he's not going to let that keep him from dreaming or from setting goals. The Daddy's trying to come up with $5,000 to go to Spain; and he's going to do his best to come up with it...

Don't lose sight of your dreams, brotha. We're with you.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Daddy, Ya make me want to go back to Mexico City. I experienced the same thing you're talking about every time I've been there.
Unfortunately, like you said, money IS tight this year. My retirement fund got stomped and smashed in the past 12 months, so there'll be no Mex. D.F. this year.
I also want to go back to Wales someday where I met THE most friendly people I ever met in my life and reconnected with "my people."
And yea, Spain is definitely on my list.
Nice story and great travel poem. . . got a few of those myself.

MacDaddy said...

Johnny Bailey: Welcome. Thanks for signing up as a follower of daddyBstrong. Looking forward to you coming band and commenting from time to time. Blessings.

Christopher said...

I love Spain, too.

Madrid is very beautiful and the museums and architecture are as good as Paris and the best part is, you don't have to deal with the French.

But for me, Barcelona takes the prize. I love the city's location on the Mediterranean and the hills. Plus, there is a huge gay community in Barcelona. The city reminded me of San Francisco.

I like southern Europe best of all. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Northern Europe is fine but the climate is disagreeable.

Next up for me is to explore South America. I have always yearned to travel to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Our dying currency is worth something in those nations, too. Unlike the Euro, which is kicking our ass, year after year.

MacDaddy said...

Sagacious: I remember you talking about Wales before, saying, among other things, how much you loved the wonderful music there. I hope you get back soon.

Christopher: I wasn't thinking that Barcelona might be too touristy for me, but I'll reconsider. I want to go to Spain in August when it's not too many tourists around. And some of my African American friends say I must go to Brazil. They say the people of Brazil feel free, and they are dancing and having fun all the time.

SDG said...

Since I'm on the west coast, I'm thinking Fiji. I've wanted to go for quite some time. Besides, I NEED a doggone vacation. Thanks for this post. It's keeping me focused on travel again.

Corey said...

I'll take Madrid, daddy!
I'd prefer a tour of Italy, though.
I'm stuck with Willingboro, New Jersy. And I MIGHT not get there!
At least, I'll be close to New York City, and if I don't get a quick visit in ~ SOMEBODY'S GOING TO DIE!

Willingboro !?!?
You know somebody else's family reunion (even our own) often end up as chore or obligation - anything BUT vacation. I'm so NOT looking forward.

MacDaddy said...

Corey: I'd love to go to Italy. I hope you get to travel this summer. By the way, I've been visiting your blog regularly. You've really put in the time to make it look professional yet different. It's got style and quality all over it. Blessings.