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Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Day

To Mac's cherished readers and fellow bloggers:

While living life to it's fullest, Mac always had an optimistic view for tomorrow. "Tomorrow is a new day" he said so often. Since his passing, we've come to the blog from time to time to re-read a post or two and share a bit more about Mac. You kindred bloggers and fans have provided wonderful encouragement and support to continue his blog. Individually and here on the blog, you've often expressed your wishes to read more of Mac's works.

You've also loved how Mac wove those nuggets of truth in his sidebar: "Change to Believe in"..."Good Lookin' Out"..."Speaking Truth to Power"...and "A Change is Gonna Come" These little gems underscore his overarching theme of truth and justice as reflected in his body of work both as a blogger/author and community activist. Here's a song that sums up his mission and legacy for me -- and one of his favorites: Solomon Burke's "None of us are free".

And now here's the good news ~

Mac's family has enthusiastically decided to carry his legacy forward with this blog. Together they will continue daddyBstrong's themes which were "not about the Daddy" but rather "About you: your boos, your fam, your hood, your country...your hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow." And of course they'll add their own unique voices -- building on Mac's legacy and doing him proud. I know you'll be back to welcome them to the blogosphere and spread the good word.

In the meantime, I'll say goodbye and express my deep gratitude and affection for all of you who have held Mac's Minneapolis family in your hearts and offered your love, prayers and support as this gentle and brilliant man passed on to his eternal reward. Here's my favorite poem from Mac. It captures how very ALIVE this dear man was to his bones and soul cells -don't you agree?

We do sing with you, Mac. Forever in our hearts.

Sing with me

I am one with the earth,
wind and sky.

I'm a towering, thunderous waterfall.

I roar when hurling through mist

and diving down to complete myself below,

smiling while flowing

in and out of liquid semi-circles

naturally. Free.

Sing with me.