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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Philly fans are great. Everybody complains about them being the meanest. That may be true. But, at the same time, they're great because it does get you into the game...They love their teams. I can respect that about them. They know their sports and they love their teams and they come out and support them every week, good or bad."
--Michael Strahan, former standout defensive for the New York Giants

Listen up. The Daddy is feeling the Philadelphia
Phillie's, the present world champions of major league bill, the team that represents the 2009 season against the American league's representative, the New York Yankees.

The Daddy loves these guys! Why? First, they are very talented. Second, they can beat you in so many different ways. It's like, "How do you want your ass-kicking tonight? Jimmie Rollins racing around the bases, smashing into your catcher, running your team into the ground or Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth getting it over quickly with high, deep blasts into the stands?"
But you wanna know the real reason a brotha is pulling for the Phillie's? Here it is:

The Daddy hates the Yankees! In fact, The Daddy hates the Yankees with a passion normally reserved for gang rapists, crooked, skirt-chasing minister and priests who play with little boys.

* The New York Yankees, with a team owner about nothing more than making money and massaging and showcasing a huge ego.

So, when a players is not playing up to what he feels is his potential, he does what manager or owner never should do: he calls him out in public, undresses him for the world to see. This is both George
Steinbrenner and his son.

* The New York Yankees, a team that represents the one basic thing that's wrong with major league baseball: financial inequity. The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox simply use their ton loads of ready cash to jump over small markets team like the Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins and buy the best players on the market, leaving smaller clubs to go down swinging each year.

Unlike the rich, arrogant Yankees, the Phillie's have class. They play hard; they play smart; And rarely do you hear the owner, manager or player blast another team member or call a team player out in public. For example, when their closer Brad Lidge was struggling, tossing fastballs to players who hit em out of the park causing the Phillies to lose, both management and the players stuck by him, saying confident they were the old Brad Lidge would come back.

The Philadelphia Phillies are en experienced, talented and classy team. And so, like Moses, The Daddy is gonna climb to the highest mountaintop and then shout down to the hordes of unwashed masses below:



Oso said...

I'm barely getting over what your Phillies did to my Dodgers !

I share your feeling about the Yankees.I'm still not over our losing two consecutive World Series to them in the late 70's.I hated Reggie Jackson at the time,till I discovered Reggie's Mexican. Reggie Martinez Jackson.

True! Greatest Mexican home run hitter of all time!

Thanks again for your series on battered women and date rape. Enjoy the Series !

Vigilante said...

Like Oso, I gave blood (that's Dodger blue blood) at Jamie and Frank McCourt's trough. I have nothing left to risk against the Yanks. If the McCourts have to divide up the Dodgers they way they are going to divide up their half dozen mega MacMansions, I hope Jamie gets to take Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome and leaves the rest of the team for us fans. If not, I'll need more than five months's transfusions to summon up up enough energy to say, "Go Dodgers"!

CareyCarey said...

Well Mr. MacDaddy, fools rush in where wise men tread not. LOL

Now, a good "sports" opinion, begs for a good reply. I 've heard it said that we shouldn't hate the players, hate the game. See, I believe in that idiom, so, the Yankees are going to smash the Phillies! Yep, I believe your emotions are getting in the way of better judgement.

I am not a betting man, and I assume you are not a gambler (your to cool for that), but, I'd like to extend a little blog wager. Your Phillies against my Yankees.

The loser has to write a post (small if desired, make it easy on yourself), that glowingly speaks to the intellect of the winner.

Example: why or why didn't I listen to Mr. MacDaddy. I should have known he was wiser than I. I was blinded by my reluctance to listen to someone that displayed exceptional knowledge in the game of baseball. I should have known the Phillies were a superior them, in spite of my displaced hatred of them. MacDaddy and the Phillies are.......

Now, that's just an EXAMPLE, because the names WILL change if you decide to take on this mission.


Vigilante said...

My advice, Daddy, is to pay it forward. Write another column now, bashing da damned Yankees! And later, if they win, a two-word apology should suffice.

MacDaddy said...

Oso: Sorry about that. The Phillies played great in that series. I've always loved the Dodgers though. I once had dreams of being a major league player, playing only for the Dodgers. I dreamed of begging Ms. Jackie Robinson let me use her husband's number. But, foolishly, I got off into football.

Vigilante: I know you love the Dodgers, as I love the Phillies. That's coo. Nothing like that can come between our friendship. Blessings.

Carey: Thanks for suggesting a friendly wager between two bloggers. But I don't gamble or place bets on games. Sorry.

MadMike said...

I'm with Daddy on this one! I lived in Philadelphia for several years and that is my only connection to the team but it is enough. GO PHILLIES!!

Nun in the Hood said...

I am excited for the World Series and will be rooting for the Philllies....I can remember when my Dad play pro ball 'way back when'....He sold Hoover vacume cleaners on the off season and tended bar, but he LOVE his sport, and obviously did not play for the money!

MadMike said...

Ya know Daddy I also have this visceral hatred for the Yankees. I am not sure why. GO PHILLIES!

Keith said...

Thank You Man...(My First time here
but I'll be back.) You are my only ally in the blogosphere..See I'm from Philadelphia so I have to root for the Phillies..but people who aren't even from New York are killing me..saying that the Yankees
are gonna do this and do that..So
glad I have an ally.

Vigilante said...

I look at it this way. The Baseball World Series for 2009 is over. The Phillies are already world champs. What will follow, as weather and teevee schedules permit, is near-baseball, semi-baseball, quasi-baseball, crypto-baseball or ten-man baseball which employs the designated hitter. I only drink real beer, live with real women (& Doberwomen), and I only watch real baseball, because life is short.

MacDaddy said...

Keith: Welcome, my man. You got a home here at daddyBstrong.

MadMike: That seems to be the case with a lot of people. They either love the Yankees or hate them fiercely. Logic and normal conversations go out the window with those who hate the Yankees... I'm not saying there yet, but, as the series goes on, I may. Blessings.

Nun: I think you're dad would love the Phillies: their talent, their hard work, and the fact that they don't pride themselves on their hitting; they take their defense serious as well.