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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 2008 Presidential Campaign: the Spin, the Real Deal

The Spin: Republican nominee for U.S. president Senator John McCain is calling for 10 town hall meetings with democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama so Americans can hear their positions on issues and become more informed voters in November.

The Real Deal: First, Sen. McCain knows he can't match Sen. Obama's oratorical skills. However, he feels more comfortable in a conversational environment. However, it's during these same type of town hall meetings that Sen. McCain has made statements that have come back to haunt him, such as saying that U.S. soldiers should stay in Iraq for 100 years, if necessary. Second, and more importantly, Sen. McCain doesn't have very much campaign funding and the 10 town hall meetings would be free publicity for his campaign. Sure! Inform the public, but do it on the cheap.

The Spin: Sen. Hillary Clinton will declare her support for Sen. Barack Obama. She just needs a little more time to talk to her staff, to bring them along slowly.

The Real Deal: Yes, she does have to talk to her staff. But it would be more accurate to say Sen. Clinton is being pressured to support Obama now. Highly respected MSNBC Reporter Andrea Mitchell stated that 23 congress persons phoned Sen. Clinton and said she needs to declare support for Obama now. She said others spoke to her as well. She said Sen. Clinton didn't realize what little support she has among democratic elected officials and how anxious they are to bring this campaign to a close.

The real deal is that both Clinton and Obama supporters were upset that Sen. Clinton failed to acknowledge the historical moment for African Americans and to use that moment to begin the healing process in the democratic party. Instead of acknowledging the historic moment, she acted like she was still running a campaign. Hence the anger with her and the pressure to have her support Obama immediately. That's why on Friday, she's going to say she's suspending her campaign and is supporting Barack Obama.

The Spin: Hillary Clinton will work hard to get Barack Obama elected president of the United States.

The Real Deal: She will work very hard for Obama IF he puts her on the ticket as VP, and IF he helps pay off some of her debts, which could be as high as 25 million. Since he won't make her VP, she will probably go through the motions, make a few speeches on his behalf, and secretly hope he loses so she can run against McCain in 2012.

Okay, that last statement was pure speculation. But at least the daddy ain't spinning. Peace.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

I think ya nailed it there Daddy.

Oh, and thanks for the links to the Freddie King vids and the "bluesman" site. You got good stuff up there in the northland.

Anonymous said...

Yep and "back in the day" old John Mc recalls the proposal JFK made to Goldwater- and they had agreed upon -to travel together and have just such town meetings. Well whatever the current money motivations, this format still beats the lame "debates" they had in the primaries with empty suits and babbling heads running the show.

Yea she failed bigtime not acknowledging his historic accomplishment in a brief paragraph and then doing the BIG speech later when she could be thoughtful about it. Only a fool would expect her to have given her best in her exhausted state in terms of the "reconciliation" speech on the spot. But her lack of acknowledgment sucks, is a slap in the face, is rude...ignorant...fill in the blanks. And finally, don't make too much over her desire to have campaign debts paid by Obama. No big deal. SOP for the last 60 years for all major campaigns

And finally this VP stuff is just sabre rattling. WATCH. Once the dust settles, she will be a tireless and fierce campaigner for his election. Give it a rest- take a deep breath - have some faith let them all have a vacation - tune out all cable tv - comeback in 10 days for a breath of fresh air. AND NOW MACDADDY, HOW ABOUT SOME GOOD BLUES TO PUT THIS ALL IN PERSPECTIVE???

MacDaddy said...

sagacious: No problem. Freddie King is the man. I love his version of "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone."
anon: You're right. It does beat those debates. I hated everyone of them. And thanks for the history lesson about JFK and Goldwater. I think I'm learning more from the people who come to my blog than they are from me. Good stuff.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

JFK and Goldwater?

Yea Daddy, I went to Utube and watched a Freddie K version of Aint No Sunshine. . . then watched homeboy Bill Withers do the original. Bill's a fellow WVian from the same watershed as I.
Back in '72 or 3 he stopped by the local college I was attending and did a concert for the students. . . . sweet soulful blues.

MacDaddy said...

anon: I'll work on another blues post that will include a video. Thanks.

Natalie said...

I think you are completely on the button there.