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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Senator Jim Webb, the Smutty Novelist-Really?

U.S. Sen. Jim Webb is being highly recommended for Sen. Barack Obama's VP. When the daddy mentioned this to two of his women friends (one from Virginia), they told him that they like the fact that he was against the war, but that he has been accused of "putting down" women and writing very graphic sex scenes in his novels. In the interest of servicing his readers, the daddy phoned the sistah from Virginia and did a two-way to cop the 411:

Okay, daddy, Jim Webb, this weird looking but intelligent white guy with all this military experience was running for the senate against this racist white Republican incumbent named George Allen. You know: the one who got caught calling some Indian reporter Macaca, that's the one.

"Right. But what about the sex stuff?"

Just a minute, daddy. See, the race was close, too close. Yeah, this Webb guy is smart, has a great resume and all that. But a lot of white people, especially white men down South, love all that military stuff. Seeing another white dude in a uniform with medals hanging all over him, makes them want to go to Uncle Sam and sign up, even if the white dude just got them medals at the pawn shop. But I digress.

You sure do. what about them scenes? Are they real nasty?

daddy, should we have this conversation at another time, when your mind is out of the gutter?

No, I'm on it. I mean...proceed.

So being scared of this smart white boy in the fancy white navy uniform, Allen did what all sorry Republicans do when their message of cutting spending to help regular folks and increasing tax cuts for the rich go nowhere-- smear their opponent.
So, in October of 2006, a couple of weeks before the election, white racist Allen got his staff to excerpt passages of sex scenes from Webb's books and send them to all the big newspapers and to that Drudge internet, which is nothing but a National Enquirer online.

Okay. Now we're getting into it. What did they say?"

You are so bad. But, daddy, you won't believe what that racist white boy said about them sex scenes and poor Jim Webb. Honey, he called a press conference and accused Jim Webb of using-- get this-- "inappropriate sex scenes" in his novels, sex scenes that "demeaned" women... Are you getting this, daddy? Faced with losing an election, this racist white boy suddenly becomes a defender of all womanhood. As they say when you doing the limbo, 'How low can you go?'

So what did Webb do?

So your mind's out of the gutter now, huh?

(The daddy mumbles to self, "Not really").

Uh huh. Well, I'll tell you what he didn't do; he didn't sit on it like your boy John Kerry; he hit it hard, he rocked it the very next day, calling Allen just another smear merchant and Republican right winger who has nothing to offer Virginians but swiftboating trash; and said he and the rest of Virginians are sick of it. No, he didn't go ghetto, but, honey, he called that sorry ass Republican white boy everything but macaca.

Right. Right..ah...You have the name of any of those books with the sex scenes.

Bye, daddy.



Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Sounds like you're saying Barack needs someone who can do some effective counterpunching, so he can remain aloof. Probably a smart strategy. I'd sure be interested in finding out the context of these novels . . . I'll bet this is good for book sales for Webb!

Anonymous said...

NO No Daddy you've missed the point here --it's not about any fiction he may or may not have written that offends women. It's his alleged real-life sexism while high-ranking naval officer and brush-off of the famous tailgate incident "he was opposed to the admission of women to the Naval Academy thirty years ago and he compounded his misogyny with a partial defense of the Tailgate transgressors". In my view, that's an old dog they trotted out in the last election and will continue to do so. Handled properly and explained for the 100th time, it should not be a barrier to his being on the ticket --all other things being equal. BESIDES --LIKE SO MANY OF HIS CONTEMPORARIES who made similar "mistakes" 30 years ago...he was nailed for it, he agreed it was wrong and he APOLOGIZED. Let it rest.

Anonymous said...

Both of you are right. Webb apologized for the sexism he displayed while in the military. The aforementioned sex scenes are not what you think. They were in his military-themed novels and were not exactly the type you'd find in a Harlequin romance novel if you know what I mean.

MacDaddy said...

anon: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. He does need a strong counterpuncher, and I think he'd have it with either Governor Kathleen Sebelius or Senator Webb. I'm still doing research on Webb. But one thing I found out is that he's tough. He really gave it back to George Allen and the Republican right wingers in the 2006 election. That's what Obama and the democratic party needs. They've been wimps too long. In fact, that's one of the things I love about Sen. Clinton-- she's a fighter.
anon2: Thanks for th comments. And you may be right about Sen. Webb. I was only sharing my conversation with one person, a friend and feminist who is from Virginia and knows much more about Virginia politics. I'm still doing research on Sen. Webb. So far, I haven't found much that's damaging. But I'm still looking.
robbie: Thanks for the comments. What I've found out so far is that this guy wrote some pretty good historical novels that were graphic not just about sex but about the horrors of the Vietnam and the kind of quiet, hidden terror, silent war, that soldiers go through back home. And so far, I've read about his apology for sexism in the military, not his personal sexism. I also found that a group of military women came in support of him, after he was attacked by Allen. But I'm still looking. If you come across something, please send it to me, and I'll pass it along. Thanks again.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Poor daddy, caint git nobody to talk dirty to him. . . . I know how ya feel bro.

But seriously, your friend makes a point. . . all those medals hanging off that crisp white uniform in the publicity packets. A little conservative flair to an otherwise quite liberal candidate. . . maybe Jim Webb wouldn't be such a bad choice. . . rope in some of those slightly right of center voters.
Guaging by past performance, I suspect Obama's people will come up with the perfect VP candidate who, after the election will slink back into obscurity and have little or no influence whtsoever on anything.
Let's face it, Obama won't need his VP to run things for him like MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp.

MacDaddy said...

"Poor daddy, can't git nobody to talk dirty to him. . . . I know how ya feel bro."
sagacious: You know me well.

Anonymous said...

anon: Daddy, you said you were going to write about some blues. He likes the one you wrote about the guitar player from Chicago. I Got him a guitar. He's practicing. Can you write something that will help him?

MacDaddy said...

anon: About the blues, I know you've asked several times. I haven't forgotten. What I'm trying to do is set up a thing where I talk about an aspect of the blues and have it demonstrated by a video from U Tube. It may take a few days. Thanks for your patience.

Kellybelle said...

Webb sounds spunky; I like that. And he can admit mistakes,unlike current administration. And as for smutty sex, better to do it in a novel andn ot the oval office. said...

Hello MacDaddy!

Now THAT was a hilarious phone conversation! *LOL*

I must say that I am not at all surprised to hear that a white man was over the top with sexual content...I have warned the sistas before that most white men will make even the freakiest brothas seem like a Pollyanna...white men are completely overboard with their imaginations...

Webb may be a loose canon...

Why isn't John Edwards being discussed as VP on more blogs? He can pull in the conservative middle class white voter that the Republicans THINK they have locked up.

I was reading on a few blogs that Caroline Kennedy should be recruited as VP... well ...if we are going to recruit Caroline...geeesh...why not call up Maya Angelou to be the new VP if we are now adding people to the list who have NO political background at all?

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

MacDaddy said...

Kellybelle: You're right about that. I think Barack and Michelle will restore some class to the White House ala Jackie O and John. It seems that it has been sullied, if not soiled, in recent years.
Lisa: Caroline Kennedy is on Obama's search committee for the VP and other offices. But you can she'll get whatever she wants. Barack and Michelle are crazy about the Kennedys; and the feeling is mutual. After all, it was Ted Kennedy who showed him the ropes when he got to the senate, He didn't do much without consulting with Teddy. A couple of weeks ago, he stood in for Kennedy at Wesleyan University and gave the speech of his life, heaping lots of praise on Teddy. Also, Caroline and Teddy came out early for Barack and faced up to all those racist white feminists in Massachusetts. So, it's payback time, and Caroline Kennedy will be rewarded with a good position. I'm thinking cabinet. Blessings, Lisa

SagaciousHillbilly said...

"white men are completely overboard with their imaginations..."

HEY! Whoa! Hold on now. . . . just what exactly do you think you're doing? What gives you the right to expose the minds of us white men to the light of civilized society?
Well ya know. . . maybe. . . if some of our white women would take a few lessons from some of you black women we wouldn't need to excersize our imaginations so vividly and to the extreme.
Besides, I know some pretty freaky black guys. . . I aint so sure it's a white or black thing yer talkin bout.
Barry White

Anonymous said...

Re Caroline Kennedy as veep: don't forget CHENEY was head of doorknob's search committee and ultimately he got the job!

Anonymous said...

also it gives Obama and Caroline a chance to get better acquainted without the scrutiny and 2nd-guessing of the press everytime they meet
Her focus in the past several years has been pubnlic education. We could use a little focus on that!

Danielle said...

What was it that Teddy R. said? Oh, speak softly and carry a BIG stick. I think Sen. Obama needs a VP that can say things that he can't or won't.

Caroline Kennedy was a smart choice for the selection committe. That last name has cache and she is a private woman that DOES NOT endorse or engage much in public life.

I don't know about a cabinet position since she doesn't strike me as the type. However, informal go-to might not be a long shot.

Funny conversation Daddy. Very funny conversation.

MacDaddy said...

"I think Sen. Obama needs a VP that can say things that he can't or won't."
Danielle, you may be right about this. The guys at the coffee shop keep saying that Sen. Jim Webb is that kind of guy. Oh, he's a competent professional politician and all that But he's also a fighter and is not afraid to tell people off. They say he really went after former Sen. George Allen; and Virginians loved it. So he may fit the bill. But Gov. Sebelius is also very tough as well. I talk about her in my sidebar. Besidesn, I think people need new faces, especially women faces-- women who are consensus builders but who, on the other hand, are not afraid to mix up with right wing white boys. Gov Sebelius can. BTW: Love your blog.

Danielle said...

Glad you enjoy it. I have alot of fun w/it. The good Gov. would indeed be a change of pace esp. if she has that consensus building ability you talk about.

I can't wait to find out who will be selected. said...

@ Sagacious Hillbilly
I've loved a few white men in my days...and have been loved by a few white men in my I think there are a FEW little secrets that I can let out of the bag... *LOL*

Glad to see no one here is denying the charges! *LOL*

You are right it's not exclusively a white man thing...(smiles)...since I've known a few freaking black guys ...A FEW! are duly warned!


@ MacDaddy
I hope that Caroline Kennedy is given a role in the Obama administration...

She'll be fantastic!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!