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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Waiting to Exhale Made Him Misty But the Daddy Didn't Cry

Listen up. The daddy wants to ask you something. Have you ever been awaken late a night to the sound of a woman screaming? The daddy was; and he said to himself:

“Okay, daddy, a woman may be getting assaulted just outside your front door! You talk about being a man. Be one!

"Be a good citizen!

Do your duty! Help a woman in distress!

"Quick! Get dressed!

"Quick! Get out there...and take your piece!”

Hold up! Hold up, citizen. It hit the daddy. The phony scream and the damn cable tv brought him back to reality, helped him to figure it out. The daddy went to bed with the tv on, rolled over onto the remote and woke up to a sorry porno flick.

The daddy watched a woman having sex with two men for a minute. Okay, maybe two or three minutes. And he came immediately to one inescapable conclusion: These were the worse actors he had ever seen. Even old Ronald B-grade-movie Reagan or a drugged up Brittany Spears could do better than this. Maybe this is why they were in porno movies.

Now, the daddy hates bad acting, porno or no porno. The only possible exception of course are bad actors who firebomb buildings, chase bad guys through dark, dangerous streets at breakneck speed, mow them down in the middle of the street with a trusty AK 47, then trap the thug leader in an alley and face off against him one on one, rearranging his nose and sexual organs via the route of some serious ass-kicking, karate style.


Ha! Ha! Ha!

My Boy Wesley!

So the daddy punched the remote just once and there he was, Wesley Snipes, one of the baaadest ass-kickers of all times. But what’s this? Instead of chasing a bad guy down an alley, he’s sitting in a hotel, talking to a woman, his voice barely carrying over elevator music worse than the phony jazz of Kenny G.

What’s this? Instead of standing up to a bad guy on a dark street in the hood (probably called Martin Luther King Drive or Avenue. When thugs want to dance, they don’t let no preacher stop them, even if he got the Nobel Prize!), Wesley is sitting close to a lady at this hotel bar. And no karate kicks or nothing. He’s not even talking; he’s listening!

(Note:: Listen to a woman without undressing her with your eyes. Hmmn. Could be a lesson for the daddy).

But a brotha knew that Wesley would soon spring into action, that some eye-roving, woman-leering, drug dealing thug was going to come up and touch Angela (She so fine-Lawd, have mercy!) Bassett and Wesley would mop the floor with him and his two sidekicks, sweep a fainting Angela (She so fine-a little mercy, if you please!) Bassett off her feet, take her to his hotel room, do The NASTY and some serious screaming for real!

But what’s this? Instead of rearranging the nose of a drug dealer, Wesley is talking, ratting on hisself, confessing that he’s married to a white woman, that he loves her, that she’s dying but that he intends to see the situation through (I never heard a brotha give a pick-up line like this). And she didn’t throw a drink in his face, curse him out, call him a traitor to his race or anything!

(Note: Be open and honest with a woman. Hmmn. Could be a lesson for the daddy).

The Scene That Did It

But this is the scene that kind of got to the daddy. See, It’s about a year later, Angela (She so fine-Lawd, I’m on bended knees!) Bassett is divorced from her husband, and she’s back home spending a little quality time with her beautiful daughter. Then, while her daughter is checking out

mommy's makeup in the bathroom, Angela (She so fine-Lawd, I’m getting dizzy!) Bassett reads the letter from Wesley. He says he's still watching his wife die day by day, that he still loves his wife, that he’s still going to see it through, but that he'll never forget that night-- that night when they met in the bar, forgot about ass-kicking and spent time with each other. And You can see from the water in her eyes that she agreed with him...a brotha gotta say that this scene brought a little water to the daddy's eyes...made him... a little misty...He had to step back and remember that he was an ass-kicker himself back in the day, that he held his own between the ropes boxing at the neighborhood vet club, that he dunked a few times in a high school basketball game, that he was a young terror catching balls and scoring touchdowns on the football field (Sigh). The daddy had to check hisself.

(Note: A woman loves it when a man is loyal to a relationship. Hmmn. Could be a lesson for the daddy).

Okay, the movie was alright. The writing was good, with no phony ending or predictable solutions but more like life itself: incomplete. You learn from mistakes and try to do better in the next relationship.

Okay, the acting was good by all, even by those who weren’t the big stars. Okay, the directing by Forrest Whittaker was alright. But that was expected because, when it comes to movies or the theater, that brotha can do anything. And, okay, the daddy learned that ole Wesley can do more than kick ass. He can do some serious acting and maybe dispense a lesson or two.

But don’t go badmouthing the daddy, saying he had to use a bunch of Kleenex, because he got weak-kneed and started boo-hooing over some chick flick. A little bit of water welled into his eyes is all.

The daddy is a man.


Who's That Gurl? said...

Dang, Macdaddy! You took me back to go ol' days when life was easy breezy. Never would I badmouth ya for giving a frank, vivid recount of what was one of the top chick flicks of all time (in my opinion). Who woulda thought that Wes had a few lessons to share. I can only speak for myself, but I think honesty and loyalty are the easiest ways to make a woman fall for ya :).

rainywalker said...

A little misty helps relieve stress and show what species we belong to. Good memories and thinking back to when we were immortal and young. The first dance, the smell of a young lady and that first still makes me misty.....your blog makes me misty. Thanks daddyBstrong.

Anonymous said...

Daddy, you ought to quit. You know you cried.

Anonymous said...

Feeling a little vulnerable, daddy?

Anonymous said...

daddy, Your Angela she-so- fine Bassett is happily married. Sorry.

MacDaddy said...

"i can only speak for myself, but I think honesty and loyalty are the easiest way to make a woman fall for ya."
Who's that gurl: You sound wise.
rainywalker: Yes, I, too, love stories that bring back sweet memories and try to include them in my writing as much as possible. ...In this troubled world, I think we need them to help keep us mentally and spiritually balanced. Thanks for coming.
"Daddy, you ought to quit. You know you cried."
Anon: Thanks for coming. Have a nice day.
"Feeling a little vulnerable, daddy?"
anon: Thanks for coming. Have a nice day.
"Your Angela-she-so-fine Bassett is happily married. Sorry."
anon: I think I'm starting to get a little misty again. Thanks.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i aint even see that movie and congrats on the nomination
i got nominated for best writting as well
but u do be jamming

MacDaddy said...

torrence: I love your writing, as well as some of the others bloggers who visit me. I'm going to the site and do some nominating. Thanks.

Who's That Gurl? said...

Macdaddy, when you have a minute, could you send me your email address? I have a question about the Blackberry. Thanks!

P.S. I will be sending my vote in tonite ;).

MacDaddy said...

curvygurl: Hit me back at Thanks. said...

Hello there!

I had never even heard of this movie...

I never support ANYTHING Wesley stars in because Halle Barry has reported in interviews (years ago) that he beat her up when they were dating and she is now deaf in one ear because of one of his beatings. Wesley WILL NEVER get my ticket to anything he stars in.

I love Angela Bassett! She is my dime!

I think you cried....why can't a brotha just SAY he cried when wstching a movie? Daddy, we know you "wanna" be man-man and all....
but you DID cry in the movie okay?


MacDaddy said...

Lisa: I've heard that he didn't pay his taxes and is headed to prison. But I didn't know about the physical abuse of Halle Berry. That's the last movie of him I'm going to see!
You know: You're making me realize that, just as I did a series on poetry, I need to do a series on spousal abuse and family violence.
Luv u, Lisa!

Who's That Gurl? said...

Happy Friday, Macdaddy! I think my email may have been identified as spam (sent it last nite around 11P). Anyhoo, just wanted to know which model you purchased.

P.S. The Roots were fantabulous last Saturday! They even had a dude playing the tuba (a.k.a. Tuba Gooding, Hope you can see them when they're in your area.

patti t said...

Okay, I can't resist...first of all, it is good to see the daddy admit to getting misty, even though you can't quite get to admitting to tear drops--but maybe someday...there's always hope. And those lessons you write about--here's hoping they still live on in the daddy (I'm sure they do)--daddy is pretty wise, even if he won't admit to being too vulnerable.
But that's takes time...

MacDaddy said...

patti: The daddy wants this misty stuff to a one-time thing: Misty. What's next, boo-hooing watching soap operas? Watching more chick flicks like Sense and Sensibility? French movies where I have to read women putting down men?

And the daddy hates the word vulnerable. It makes him want to go shooting at the range, watch football game, and go to my favorite watering hole and start a fight...the daddy is a man.

MacDaddy said...

CurvyGurl: I purchased the Sprint Blackberry Curve. It's their most recent blackberry. It has e-ail, camera and a full keyboard, which is perfect for me, because I have big hands. I'm very satisfied with it. Let's stay in touch. If you have any questions, contact me at

Who's That Gurl? said...

Thanks for your insight! Decisions, decisions. I'll most definitely stay in touch :), please do the same (

sdg1844 said...

Smile. It's ok to get misty-eyed. That was a wonderful, honest and poignant scene.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards, presidential candidate, family man, why did you have the affair? And Why did you lie? When the news came out, when the National Enquirer confronted you and asked if you had an affair, why didn't you say, "My wife and I have discussed this, and we've moved on. But I'm not going to lie to you and the American people. Yes, I had an affair. It was one-time thing. It was not habitual. Still, I had an affair. It was a terrible thing to do to my wife, my family and all those people who believe me. Yes, Elizabeth has forgiven me. Now, I'll have to work on forgiving myself. My love for my wife is very strong, as is her love for me. But we decided to attend marriage counseling to look at ways we can build on our love and our marriage and make it stronger. Thank you." Why couldn't you say that? Why did you have try to cover a cover up? Why couldn't you be true not only to Elizabeth but to the American people?

rainywalker said...

You have a comment on my blog and yes you can use the poem.Until that time.

Anonymous said...

"Note: A woman loves it when a man is loyal to a relationship. Hmmn. Could be a lesson for the daddy)."
You Think?

Somebodies Friend said...

I love the part when she remembers when they met in the hotel bar. Who could forget that scene, it was the best one in the whole movie.

Then my next favorite is when Wesley dispenses a lesson or two, that Wesley is a badass dude.

I bet nobody calls ol' Wesley out for Boo-hooing over that chick flick, would hate to be them, they be the ones doin' the boo-hooin' if they try to call ol' Wesley out on that one!

Anonymous said...

"But don’t go badmouthing the daddy, saying he had to use a bunch of Kleenex, because he got weak-kneed and started boo-hooing over some chick flick. A little bit of water welled into his eyes is all. The daddy is a man."

Uh huh.

Vigilante said...

Who's better looking? Angela Bassett or Serena Williams?

MacDaddy said...

Somebodiesfriend: Thank you, sir.
anon: Thanks for coming. Have a nice day.
"Who's better looking? Angela Bassett or Serena Williams?"
rainywalker: Both are smart and attractive. Other than that, I think it's difficult to compare. Maybe people shouldn't be compared so much as appreciated for being unique within themselves.

Somebodies Friend said...

After all the talks John Edwards had with his wife Elizabeth. About being faithful in the relationship and all the heartache it causes when one person breaks that trust.

The hardest part for Elizabeth is the circumstances behind the affair. The skank that he had the affair with, he really couldn't have stooped any lower if he tried. That was crushing for Elizabeth.

Then the coverup, even to this day, that is what hurts. Elizabeth feels like John and the skank think she is a chump or something. Elizabeth has forgiven John, but she will be hard pressed to forgive the skank after all the lies and deceit that she pulled, it can be characterized as nothing less than pure evil, pure evil on her part.

It will take Elizabeth a long time to forgive the skank once everybody parts ways permanently, right now it is all to fresh.

And something that makes Elizabeth want to throw up, even as I am writing this, John was telling Elizabeth to take it easy on the skank, at a time when Elizabeth's head was spinning right off her shoulders because of the betrayal.

John was listening and being sympathetic to the skank and asking Elizabeth for her sympathy, last I checked the Fricking skank is the one who instigated the whole affair, Why in the world should Elizabeth let the skank cry on her shoulder. The fricken skank thought she had WON when she bagged old John.

All the skank did was ruin two friendships in the process, just to get LAID! I'm Bitter!

MacDaddy said...

Somebodysfriend: You're angry at Edwards. You're not the only one. His volunteers and supporters feel just like you do. Just so you know, in the beginning, I supported John Edwards. He spoke eloquently on behalf of the working poor and the middle class. But I became disenchanted when he left the race and didn't come out and endorse Barack Obama over Hillary. But my disenchantment grew to disgust when I found out that he had an affair-- and had it around the time his wife learned her cancer had come back and really needed his strength and support. But let's give them some time to work this out as a family. Meanwhile, my love and respect goes to Elizabeth. Blessings.

Somebodies Friend said...

That explains a lot. When John and Elizabeth went in for counceling, the therapist told Elizabeth that she was imagining things, that there really wasn't an affair. Elizabeth was all choked up and she could still see right through the therapists bullshit.

The Therapist had been talking to John in the hallway before the session, John told the Therapist to tell Elizabeth she is delusional, and to quit thinking such outragous thoughts.

Elizabeth is really upset because everyone treats her like she is a moron, like she CAN'T SEE. Everyone continues to forget that Elizabeth has as good of eyesight as anyone, maybe even the best around.

Ever since see got the very latest Lasiks procedure a couple months ago she seems to have eyes like a hawk. It is agravating for Elizabeth, how everyone still treats her like she is blind.