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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Presidential Debate: My Thoughts

The daddy's feeling tonight's presidential debates, and here are just a few of my thoughts, based on knowledge and temperament.


On knowledge, despite Sen. McCain attempts to paint him as wet behind the ears, Sen. Obama continues to demonstrate knowledge in all the main areas, including foreign policy. He didn't give an inch to McCain on foreign policy tonight. In terms of policy on the economy, McCain had no new ideas and Obama rightly pointed out that he was part of a group that de-regulated the financial markets, getting us into this mess in the first place.

McCain did introduce a new idea: buying up bad mortgages and selling them to get the housing market going again. To folks up on this, would not they be asking, "Wasn't that part of the idea that Paulsen had? And isn't that part of the reason taxpayers gave them the 700 billion in the first place?


Sen. McCain continued to be a condescending, grumpy old man. He never looked at Obama, but when he did, he gave a smile that was more like a smirk, making a negative point about Obama.
On the other hand, Obama, though cordial, got his own digs in on McCain without condescention. And he did not forget to look directly at the person who asked the question or give a warm smile to the audience in the townhall.

Who won?

Because he is behind, McCain needed to beat Obama soundly in this debate. But Obama proved too knowledgeable, too skillful, even in foreign policy. Obama clearly pointed out that it was Sen. McCain who used bad judgment in not only getting us into Iraq but cheerleading Bush's policies once he got there.

I think we just saw a young upstart do one more serious ass-kicking to a tired old man.

McCain must really hate this Obama guy. He's everything he wishes he was: smart, goodlooking, charming, looking presidential, even debonair, in the face of tough times.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Good analysis Mac. Obama really is all that.
I find myself getting a bit excited about the possibility of this man becoming our next president. Actually, I'm feeling like I want to explode with joy.
I was afraid we'd never have another great president in my lifetime.

Kellybelle said...

And don't forget tall! McCain has a height issue.
Good recap. I agree.
I did want some more...something. I had heard most of that. Barack is smart enough to speak off the top of his head.

MacDaddy said...

sagacious: He certainly has that possibility. If McCain is going to do better int he last debate, he needs to get some pointers from his running mate on how to come off more likable. I don't think he's just grumpy. I think he's genuinely a mean person, like the worst bully in the schoolyard; and it comes off big-time on screen.

Last thing: His idea about buying up bad mortgages is going to totally turn off his base, who thinks that government has already gotten too involved in the laissez faire economy as it is.

Anonymous said...

I noticed at the end of the debate, Michelle Obama went over to people in the crowd and warmly smiled and shook hands. Cindy McCain kept her distance, arms at her side, as if she were afraid to touch the "common folk."

Oh, and McCain referring to Obama as "this one" -- what a way to make someone feel sub-human. MSNBC commentators said it made McCain sound like an old grandpa who couldn't remember names. HA.

The thing that lingers in my mind this morning, though, is how incredibly poised and gifted Obama is. He never looked even close to losing his cool, even when Grandpa was throwing lie after lie at him and talking down to him. What an incredible role model Obama is. What a professional.

Nun in the Hood said...

Great analysis, Mac Daddy! Thank you! I had read that Senator McCain was going to 'take off the gloves', but I did not see that. Maybe he is too old and too tired! One of the commentators used the word 'character assasintation' to describe all that is beling leveled at Senator Obama. I like that he seemed to know when to let some of that name calling go by, and to stay with the eseence of the issues he wanted to address. Yes, the body language was UNBELIEVEABLE. THE 'PACING MCCAIN' AND THE 'RELAXED OBAMA' said a lot about where these two men are at this point in the race.
With Sagacioushillbilly I am cautiously optimistic that we just MAY have an opportunity in a month to say: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. We've got a month to go, though....Let's keep our fingers crossed and PRAY the Barack keeps his cool and that the American people vote what the polls are saying. said...

Hey there!

I am not sure Obama is so knowledgeable but I DO believe that he has done the research necessary to APPEAR knowledgeable and that Obama has packaged himself well in order to gain as much broad appeal as possible.

I know that Obama will win this race but it will be because he ran against such an inferior candidate. If he were running against a John Kennedy-esque Republican, he would be toast. He's running against a senile white man that even whites can't fully trust.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

MacDaddy said...

anon: Yes, Obama was poised throughout. I think this cannot be overestimated, because that poise gives assurance in a time of desperation and ferment.
nun: A townhall-- and I daresay, television now-- is the wrong place for Sen. McCain to take off the gloves. He's been told that he comes off as insensitive, impatient, and temperamental. "Taking off the gloves." Better to let the Gov. Palin-- the self-described pitbull in a skirt-- do that crummy job.
lisa: Hey, Hey. Miss your visits. Good to hear from you. Of course you're right: Obama is going up against a weak candidate. But I'm no so sure Obama wouldn't do well if he went up against a more intellectual and attractive candidate. I think Obama is the kind of guy that's smart as well as charming, like Kennedy. And, like Kennedy, he has intellectual reserve, or the mental faculties, to elevate his analysis and his rhetoric. All things equal-- when is that true in America?--I think it would be a great debate.

Just so you know, I have a difficult time putting you on my sidebar, but I still come to see you. Blessings, Sister.

CurvyGurl said...

You're on point, MacDaddy. The debates have given everyone a chance to see the real deal about tacky, gruff McSame. It's amazing to see how people react under pressure. I had to replay that "this one" comment he made. That was an equivalent to "those people" if you ask me. I'll be glad when this is over.

rainywalker said...

Obama beat the pants off McCain's last night and whats this sticking around for five minutes shaking hands, I think on C-Span Obama shook everyones hand including the janator during an hour or more. He's gonna straighten this country out.

Anonymous said...

MacDaddy, you forgot to mention McCain is jealous because Obama has a prettier wife. :)

MacDaddy said...

r.j.: You got that right. I'm crazy about smart, good looking women.
rainywalker: Yes, Obama and Michelle are similar to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Robert Kennedy and his wife in that respect: they loved getting and meeting with regular Americans. During Robert Kennedy's last campaign, he was told not to go to certain neighborhoods (usually poor black or Latino neighborhoods) by his staff. But he would go anyway, get out, shake hands and walk among the people. Bobby Kennedy wasn't afraid or ashamed to go among the people.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mac, If I may be so bold as to respond to some posters here:
Nun, Hell yes we gotta keep our fingers crossed and our mojos working. Anything could happen. Contemplating the voters in Nov., I actually feel sorry for the ones who will go into the voting booth knowing that OBama is the right choice for them and the nations, but then, because of some ingrained voice in their head, they will vote for the white guy just because. . . how pitifully sad for them.

trumpetblower, Welcome to the world of politics. It's all about timing, preparation and packaging.
Obama is a mainstream politician. He's doing what a mainstream politician has to do.
Hell no he wouldn't have a chance against a white version of himself but that's not what he's up against. He is exactly what this country needs at this point in time and we're blessed to have him here for us.
Mac, Smart, beautiful women. . . the good thing about them is that most men are afraid of them so jackasses like me have a chance with them. But really, I wouldn't want a woman who wasn't.
I believe Michelle will be an amazing 1st Lady.

Vigilante said...

At the risk of MacDaddy thinking even less of me than he already does, I have to say I prefer a debate model more like the Krys Barch v. Jared Boll 'above-average set-to' then this pussy-footing Obama-McCain ballet. Heat begets light. Boredom begets stupor. We need debates without referees or moderators: let the candidates talk to each other instead of the camera. Politics is bloodsport.

Vigilante said...

Against my better judgment, I decided not to scrub the above comment.

MacDaddy said...

"At the risk of MacDaddy thinking even less of me than he already does, I have to say I prefer a debate model more like the Krys Barch v. Jared Boll 'above-average set-to' then this pussy-footing Obama-McCain ballet."
Hey, vigilante, I like it. If the candidates spoke to each other directly without a moderator, Sen. McCain's unsteadiness and anger manaqement problem would show up big time. Obama would remain cool throughout the entire thing. Obama enjoys engaging conversation. McCain is impatient as hell.