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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Presidential Debate: Ring Up Another W for the O Man

General impression:

Generally, it was a boring debate. Both candidates said what they've been saying in previous debates and at previous stops along the campaign. The daddy could finish both candidate's sentences, especially McCain's--even throw some "my friends" in there for good measure. But what gave it some drama was McCain's promise to kick Obama's ass in the debate.

He didn't.

The daddy's prediction? Folks will wake up tomorrow, read in their newspapers that Obama won the debate and that grumpy grandma McCain is still behind.

What stood out?

Three things:

1. McCain remained aggressive throughout the debate, which in ordinary times and all things being more or less equal, would have been cool. But these are not ordinaryt times for our country and McCain is far behind. So, this strategy smacked of desperation, increasingly so as time went on.

2. Obama remained unflappable throughout the debate, looking increasingly energized as McCain began to look inreasingly frustrated and tired, barely able to contain his absolute hatred for the tall, dark and handsome Negro with a poet's gift for words and a younger, good-looking wife.

3. Whereas McCain took more time explaining things (ACORN, for example), Obama impressed with his ability to rise above personal attacks and communicate effectively about complex issues, including healthcare, economic bailout, criteria for choosing Supreme Court judges, Bill Ayers, ACORN. Indeed, if it weren't for Obama's clear explanation, most Americans wouldn't have known what ACORN is. McCain seemed unable to explain what ACORN is, even though he claimed the advocacy organization threatened "to destroy the fabric of American democracy."


McCain needed to shake Obama up, cause him to lose that presidential demeanor to win, and not just score political points for his base by talking about Bill Ayers or ACORN (Who cares about an old radical professor or community organization?). He didn't. Obama needed to remain cool and competent and stay focused on the economy, healthcare and not allow McCain to twist his political positions. He did that. The O man sealed the deal.

Does McCain hate this tall, skinny upstart with the funny name and the beautiful wife or what?


Anonymous said...

Obama has IT. Whatever IT is, he has it...Michelle looks good in blue.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Excellent summary. Let's hang on here and finish the deal!

Vigilante said...

MacDaddy, at the risk you may think of me as a foolish old man:

I know Michelle Obama says that Barack will always be the underdog until the day he sits in the oval office. And she has her point.

My son, who knows me better than I know myself, sent me this yesterday:

Dad, this comment on hit especially close to home

It definitely reminded me of you when I was a young buck. Brought tears to my eyes. Here is the finishing quote:

"I'm not sure you understand. This vote is 400 years in the making. Pollsters don't seem to take that into account. My 82-year old mother had to be rushed to the hospital last Sunday – congestive heart failure. One of the first things she asked when the oxygen mask was removed was "Will someone please get me an absentee ballot. I don't want to miss the election." Committed? Nah, black folks are *passionate* about this one. This is not only a vote for a candidate; it is a vote for America, the America we heard about from our parents and their parents, across the generations. Freedom and Liberty sound so trite these days, but I remember those words spoken by my Dad on his way to the March on Washington. January 20th will be a dream fulfilled. And if you are expecting only a 95% response on Election Day, you are misinterpreting the sound of the drum."

I wrote back to my son that America is on trial. And that I am foolishly optimistic enough to want to live long enough to see the jury come in with my own eyes and hear their verdict with my own ears.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

The daddy could finish both candidate's sentences...

This made me chuckle, MacDaddy. You were fast getting this post out. Wow. And boy, the smirks and anger on McCain's face last night were memorable. I could see his temper soooo clearly; bet he's hell to work or live with.

Anyway, stop on by and read my post today, What About Jamal The Plumber? I did a little satire for a change.

@ Vigilante: thanks for sharing that letter from your son. It was very moving.

MacDaddy said...

anon: Yes, the O man has IT. But, from the days of community organizing to now, he has carefully nurtured this demeanor so as not to off-putting to those who would be inclined to disfavor him because of his race. That speaks well of him, but I'm not so sure it speaks well about America.
anon2: Let's finish the deal is right. Thanks.
vigilante: You and your son are right. We're living in a very historic moment; and I think all Americans should see Obama's running for the office and taking office as a major step in the social transformation of American society. Your son's a good communicator too. McCain could have used his eloquence and sensitivity.
kit: I've never read any satire from you. I'm coming over to your blog to see what Jamal had to say about the debate.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I agree totally with vigilante. This is a defining moment in American history. I have a feeling that when I cast my vote on Nov. 4th I will do it through misty eyes and when we get word that Obama has won, my heart will explode.

Daddy, I thought a defining moment of the debate was when Puffy McBush said "Acorn is destroying the fabric of our democracy." What kind of insane desperation was that? A totally absurd statement.
Why didn't O man bring up the fact that Puffy spoke at an Acorn function a couple years ago and heaped vast amounts of praise upon them?

rainywalker said...

McCain looked to me like he was on something last night. Fake smile and popped out eyes and yes I think he hates Barack Obama. Obama had many chances to take many cheap shots, but he took the high road. He's gonna make a great President.

MacDaddy said...

rainywalker: Yes, popped out eyes and fake smile. But did you catch the constant blinking of the eyes? It was as if he had to keep blinking them to stay alert to keep from going to sleep. Beyond the presidential election, I feel concerned for him.

Kiss my black ads said...

Great post, even better blog... I'll be back!

MacDaddy said...

kiss: Welcome and thanks for the complement. Look forward to hearing from you again. Blessings.

Niun in the Hodd said...

Good Summary of the dedbate, MacDaddy....You surley know how to concisely size things up....My comment: I THINK THAT MCCAIN PROBABLY 3 OR 4 TIMES SCOFFED OBAMA FOR BEING ELOQUENT, ARTICULATE, AND INTELLIGENT. Aren't those qualities we would like to see in our president???? I guess we haven't had one of those for so long, we've forgotten!

sdg1844 said...

Good stuff Daddy. Composure, brains, vision and focus. It's what we need now. Obama has stayed the course like a decathlete because I would've crashed and burned ages ago. Tremendous mental and physical stamina and endurance from the Big "O".

Christopher said...

One of the pundits said something along the lines of:

"McCain is frustrated. How do you run against God?"

This sums it up for me.

At 72 years of age and in poor health, the Old Coot knows this is his last shot at the presidency and he sees his chances slipping away from him. No matter what he says or does, there is Barack Obama, so poised, so calm, so smart and so unflappable.

15 months ago when I became involved in the Obama campaign, I heard so many people say America would never vote for an African American man for president. I got it but in my heart, I knew they were wrong and look where we are today? Obama is on the verge not just of winning the election but, winning by a landslide.

On Nov. 4th, 2008, every will change and the world will be better for it.

MacDaddy said...

nun: Yes, Sister: ideally, being eloquent, articulate, and Intelligent are qualities we should all admire. But. to some extent, McCain's mocking of Obama for possessing those qualities speaks to a continuation of a dumbing-down effect that is becoming increasingly persistent in all areas of our society at the very time we need to become smarter in order to better compete with the rest of the world. You can see it in the selection of Gov. Palin as the Republican V.P. You could see it in Sen. Hillary Clinton priding herself in going into working class bars, having a shot or two with "the boys," and joining the parade of pundits who called Obama, a guy who just finished paying off his student loans three years ago, "elitist. Hopefully, Obama's election will help people that such qualities are indeed impressive and valuable not just to him but to all of us.
sdg: Good to hear from you again. Yes, Obama has already proven he has the discipline, stamina, endurance and-- just as importantly-- courage to be a president and a good one.
"How do you run against a God?"
christopher, that's heavy, but McCain must be feeling a little like that now, because try as he may, he hasn't been able to touch the guy. The scenario is always the same: Grumpy grandpa McCain says something nasty. A young Obama smiles and then answers with a lawyer's logical mind and a writer's sense of clarity and a community organizer's sense of comittment that speaks to the heart. As Hammer used to say back in the day-- "Can't touch this!"

Anonymous said...

Two things are going unsaid that I think are roiling around in McCain's brain:

1) He's in a lot of physical pain brought on my past injuries, and the fact he is 72. So he's probably taking some strong pain med's, like Vicodin, and it's altering his consciousness.

2) In the back of his mind, he's probably thinking "maybe there's something to this 'law school' and Harvard education -- maybe I should have . . . -- but then this thought is quickly stuffed back by his arrogance and hubris and attitude of entitlement.

movie fan said...

the fact that anyone is praising McCain for his performance in the third debate proves that he and Palin have lowered people's expectations down to nothing (don't forget, the VP debates were a tie!)

MacDaddy said...

verna: I love the way you think. And, secretly, I think McCain loves the way Obama thinks and is jealous.
moviefan: Is this your first time at my blog? Welcome. And I agree.