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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The software got the daddy on the ropes-- update

Okay, the daddy was in a bad way. He could barely post. He couldn't edit his own post. He couldn't use photos. Far wost, he had lost more than 250 of the 264 posts. He was up against the ropes. But a brotha told you he still has some spring in both legs; and the next thing you knew he was bobbing and weaving, maneuvering off the ropes, and out in the middle of the ring, jumping up and down, signaling with his left glove to the monster to join him and dance mono y mono.

So, after a few hours of beat-him-to-the-point jabbing and fancy footwork-Ali style, a brotha can now post with no problems. And he can edit his post, before and after each post. And the daddy told you he had a right cross-left jab combination. Here it is: the daddy asked a Republican boyfriend of a Democratic woman friend of mine for help. He belongs to a computer business called "The Geek Squad" here in Minneapolis/St. Paul; And he's a geek if there ever was one. He doesn't speak so much as grunt or mumble. He is totally quiet, unless you ask him a question. And then you get a one or two-word answer. "Yeah." "For sure." "No doubt." The only exception is when he explains what he is doing, an explanation that seems perfectly logical to him but little more to the daddy than a rambling exercise in geek speak and a reminder why he does not visit him and his girlfriend very often.

But good news: With the geek-daddy combination, the daddy recovered all his posts! Now, the daddy will not go so far as to say he loves this guy. But he will say he likes him as much as any guy who views conversation as annoying and who breathes irregularly.

Now, the daddy has to figure out how to upload photos for his posts and sidebar... hate to say it, but a brotha may need to use that right cross-left hook combination again. And you know what? For a Republican, he's really a pretty nice guy.


Anonymous said...

When I first came here, you talked like a musician or a poet. Now, you're talking like a boxer. I hate boxing.

rainywalker said...

Great you got it all back. My grandson sometimes acts like a geek but you ask him a question about computers and he won't shut up. Some of these guys and gals out there really have a brain full of information. Perhaps someday they will save us all.

MacDaddy said...

Rainywalker: I agree. And however much I speak in jest, I am very grateful to him. Actually, it's a big deal for him to take the time to try to explain what he's doing to me, a guy who gets lost pretty quickly when computer experts talk.
I will phone him to thank him.

Kellybelle said...

Glad you're back up! The truth can't be shut down!

MacDaddy said...

Kellybelle: Thanks. But I want to be able to add great photos to my post the way you do...working on it.

nicki nicki tembo said...

very pleased to see that things worked out daddy. Somehow they always do.