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Monday, July 6, 2009

Please Ask! Do Tell: The Execution of a Black Gay Sailor

Listen up. The Daddy knows you love Michael Jackson, but did you hear about August Provost III? A brotha knows the corporate media aims to keep you glued to your television watching all things Michael, but did you know that a terrible, gruesome crime was committed, a crime so awful that humanity can no longer remain silent but must cry out in pain and anger? This is not about death as a result of drug use by one person. This is a crime by a man, or several men, against not just one man; this is a hate crime, a crime against humanity.

But it gets worst. August Provost died from a hate crime; and now his soul is left to cry out again and again from his fresh grave, because the armed forces continues to cover up this hate crime and its long-time failure to protect its soldiers from members within its own ranks.

Read this story and tell The Daddy if it doesn't make you angry-- if it doesn't make you want to demand that President Obama get rid of former President Bill Clinton's sexist and silly Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) policy, begin an independent investigation of Provost's murder, develop and enforce stronger policies against hate crimes against gays and women in the military.

PLEASE ASK! DO TELL!: The Execution of a Black Gay Sailor
by Corey Jarrell
July 4, 2009

This story has gotten all down on the inside of me and made me sick! I want to regurgitate! I'm looking for the cure! But as vile and disgusting as it is, I just haven't been able to let go of it! If it weren't for Rod McCullom's consistent reporting of this story over at Rodonline Navy: There is "No Evidence to Suspect Hate Crime" in Torture and Killing of Black, Gay Sailor, I don't think I'd know about it at all. Maybe you haven't heard it either? I think it should be all over the net by now, and I feel it's now my duty to help spread the word. Somebody over there said "OH..HELL..NO! IT'S TIME FOR SOME ACTION". I feel the exact same way.

24145GOOD AUGUST Last Tuesday, 29 year-old Houston TX native, and U.S. Navy Seaman, August Provost III was found dead in a guard shack on the western edge of the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego, CA. He had been shot three times, his mouth was gagged, his hands and feet were bound, and his body burned. Brother Provost enlisted in the U.S. Navy in March of 2008, and was a boatswain mate seaman who worked on hovercrafts. He was also a somewhat openly gay man serving under the archaic, dehumanizing U.S. military policy of Don't Ask! Don't Tell! (DADT). Open about his sexuality on both his Facebook account, as well as his Myspace page, he also had a boyfriend that he referred to as "the love of my life". Immediately after joining the service last year, he was faced with anti-gay harassment from fellow servicemen that lasted up to the time of his torture and murder. Provost's boyfriend, identified as Kaether Cordero, has since indicated that those who became friends with his partner would know of his sexuality, because Provost would "trust" them with that information.

When this story broke last week, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service had taken a "person of interest" in custody in connection with the case, but charges had not been filed. And charges will not be filed! That person of interest has since been released, and they now have someone else they're holding...yet another fellow marine that they're now interested in. Wow! That was quick! Especially since, in the interim, that same investigative committee has since issued a statement that says August Provost's death was "a random act unrelated to his sexuality" and that "there is no evidence or information that suggests this is a hate crime". I'm wondering exactly how many "persons of interest" did it take to stuff his mouth so he couldn't scream? Exactly how many interested parties did it take to hold his hands behind his back, while someone else tied his feet together? Did the smell of burning flesh make them as physically ill as they are mentally ill, or did they not stick around to watch that part? For someone whose claims of harassment that (supposedly) cannot be proven, and who met a tragic end so "randomly", there sure doesn't seem to be a shortage of "suspects".

For the full story, click here.


Anonymous said...

I love the title of your article: It says mountains. "Please ask! Do Tell!'

Somebodies Friend said...

I read about this over at Corey's blog yesterday. You are right on about how the military tries to cover up these crimes, and just sweep them under the rug. It is a tragady how the military treats it's own people.

The way they are trying to sweep this under the rug reminds me of the young girl that was raped and murdered, and then the military, from the top brass all the way down try to cover it up.

Just looking at how these people are treated makes me sick to my stomach, It's a mess.

msladydeborah said...

Damnit! (excuse my language) This has made me angry!

This is really outrageous!

Something does need to be done to push the Navy into doing the right thing-which would be to find the murder of this brother.

Thanks for the 411. I will be spreading the word. Because this is not an incident that we should let pass without a fight for justice.

RiPPa said...

Leave it up to the military and they'll say that he was killed by friendly fire and that LaVena Johnson was the one who pulled the trigger.

Thanks for hippin me to this Mac.

Now I gotta layout a pieve with much vengeance. I say that because Obama has been slew footin it with DADOT.

rainywalker said...

The military tends to protect in a manner their own even when wrong. They try in everyway to make the people believe the military walks on water when it comes to certain kinds of justice. In my 23 years service I had two gay soldiers and one that was discharged.

Back then many knew some of their soldiers were gay. However it really wasn't a big deal. After the "don't tell" soldiers in the military started hating gays in their ranks. It drew a line that was never there before and its a direct result of the president and military policy.

Granted the Marines have a way of taking care of their problems themselves, even when it comes to murder.

The young man I referred to above needed a performance report to be discharged from the military. The military wanted me to give him a bad report because he was gay. The numbers would reflect he was gay but not the written report. I gave the soldier all 9's which is the highest you can get. Not because I liked him, not because he was gay, not to defy the military but because he did an outstanding job and he deserved the 9's.

My commander called me in and ordered me to redo the report and give him bad mumbers. In the military only the person whom you work for can write you report. Nobody and I mean nobody else can do it or sign it. They can disagree with my findings on a futher endorcement but not change mine.

So I told the commander if he wanted a bad performance report to write it himself. He never did and the gay soldier left the military with what he deserved a report that reflected his being, not his sexual orientation.

The truth on this murder will likely never come out unless someone brings this crime out into the open with real evidence[parents, friends, real journalists, etc]. Trust me the military will not be there and will only give you lip service. All questions will have pat answers, made up in advance with phony evidence. This just came out in the open, it happens all the time.

To be quite honest in many cases of murder the military is not concerned with the truth, only results that change policy.

MacDaddy said...

Somebody: Yes, they are trying to sweep it under the rug. And it looks they are being successful. I'm going to talk some other bloggers and see if we can get a campaign going. Thanks.

"Something does need to be done to push the Navy into doing the right thing-which would be to find the murder of this brother."
Msladydeborah: Of course you're right.

Rippa: We got to write about the Navy and our sorry armed forces. We should not let this keep happening. When black men aren't being tased to death or caught up in some shooting, they're being murdered straight up!

Rainywalker: You've been in the armed forces. You've seen and heard all of this before. But you have to pardon me if I get pissed about this. The murder is one thing. The cover up is another. That's the one that breaks my heart. Thanks.

MacDaddy said...

Everyone: For updates, continue to check back with Corey over at I'll Keep You Posted.

Corey said...

Hey Everybody!
Thanks for all the comments on this story and the passion in the interest! The flux of emotions from hurt, anger, and disgust to fear and doubt is just SO DISHEARTENING!

MacDaddy! Thanks for picking up the story and sharing it with your readers. Of course, you will have to keep ME posted on this campaign that you mentioned. I am so ALREADY there!

Rainywalker: Thank you for your special insight, and for having the integrity and heart to stand up and do the right thing for that brotha JUST BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO FOR A BROTHA!

So what do we do when we get sick & tired of being sick and tired?

<< BRAVO! >>

rainywalker said...

Perhaps I did not express myself. The murder and the coverup are both wrong and the military are wrong. Any soldier that is treated this way is wrong and I am pissed beyond belief. This sailor was one of my brothers and I want to hide strap someone. But nobody will step forward, all involved are cowards.

Patty Mooney said...

Grace Murray Hopper, the first female Rear Admiral and woman who is considered the "mother of computing," was a lesbian. Maybe a dismantling of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," should begin with her.

MacDaddy said...

Hi, Patty. Welcome. And thanks for the knowledge. I had never heard of Grace Murray Hopper. She sounds fascinating. I will google her and check her out. Come back anytime.

MacDaddy said...

Note: Here is a link to a CNN story on Provost: com/watch? v=ZCM2nC32zi0&feature=player_ embedded

J.Marie said...

To Whomever wrote about Grace Murray Hopper, you may not have your facts quite correct. True she was a brillant scientist who invented various computer concepts which we use today, but there is no recorded record of her being in a same sex relationship. She was married at one time and divorced, and went on to lead a very productive life.