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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Black Weblog Awards: Put One Down for The Daddy

My site was nominated for a Black Weblog Award!

Listen up. The Daddy is interrupting his vacation to talk to you. DaddyBstrong has been nominated for an award in 4 categories: best culture blog, best writing blog, best new blog, and blog of the year.

The Daddy is asking for your vote. The voting began on June 20th and will end on July 25. So The Daddy is writing this post, because it's getting kind of late.

The Daddy believes that daddyBstrong deserves your vote and here's a few reasons why:

First, The Daddy works hard to write quality posts not only on the current affairs of the day but meaningful posts almost every day.

Second, The Daddy writes the posts in such a way as to elicit and promote responses from you, the reader.

Third, The Daddy has written several educational series. One was on the Kwanzaa holiday throughout the seven Days of Kwanzaa. Another was on poets, especially people's poets like Walt Whitman, June Jordan, Langston Hughes, and Wanda Coleman. He did another on how to handle crises during these stressful times. He even did a series on the financial crisis.
Fourth, you, the reader, consistently write quality responses to each posts. In fact, some of the responses are not from something The Daddy said but to other responders as well.

This not only makes good conversation. It also makes the blog more like a collective blog, a blog of both The Daddy and readers, and not just a personal blog of The Daddy. This is as it should be.

So The Daddy is asking you to go ahead and put one down for daddyBstrong. It would really be a vote for you as well.

To vote, click on the Weblog Award poster and you'll be on your way.



nicki nicki tembo said...

you got my vote

Anonymous said...

Wen are you going to write about music and poetry again?

RiPPa said...

Done deal Mac. You my brother are an inspiration to me. And it is folks such as yourself who are a welcome to my blog experience.

Somebodies Friend said...

I'ma headin' ova there to cast my vote for daddyBstrong right now.

Hope your having a good time during your time away. Hope you come back and write something inspirational for us real soon.


XO said...

You got it! Congratulations, Mac, for these well-deserved nominations.

MadMike said...

You certainly have my vote Daddy.

MacDaddy said...

Thanks, everyone. Yes, I'm having fun; and I'll be back soon.

Stimpson said...

Wow, I didn't realize your blog is "new."

I voted for you, of course. (I'm assuming this Canuck of Euro descent is eligible to vote.)

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

You know I got you, MacDaddy. You've taught me a great deal and I appreciate ya! Enjoy your vacay!

Christopher said...

Glad to vote for you Daddy-O.

You deserve the nod and a win. My fingers are crossed.

Akannie said...

How exciting for you...I did the deed, daddy.


Villager said...

You got my vote Daddy...

peace, Villager

Vigilante said...

Easiest thing I ever did - voting for the Daddy's GR8 site! Top of my list, it is. Should be at the top of any list.

Vigilante said...

Oops! I forgot to vote it in the "new" category! It's not new to me.

Anonymous said...

You have my vote, Daddy Mac!


judy said...

Done. Happily.

MadMike said...

Hey Daddy if you get a chance I am really interested in your thoughts on my commentary from yesterday. I worked hard on it and let my frustration show and I would love your opinion. It is a mad mike commentary that speaks to Lieberman and the health care crisis. If you get a chance.....

MacDaddy said...

MadMike: I'll be right over.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

OK, you (and your ego) got my vote. . . do they let white boys over there?

Hope you're having a great vacation Mac! Just got back from FL. Missin it already.

Anonymous said...

Best Blog Design
Best Culture Blog
Best New Blog
Best Writing in a Blog

you got my votes....didn't see you in BLOG OF THE YEAR category but you rock nonetheless

rainywalker said...

Got your back daddyBstrong. Your blog is inspiring and a site we should all aspire to. Soak up some rest and watch out for the birds! said...

Hey there Daddy!

You know you have my vote!

I messed up because I didn't realize that the voting had already started and found out on Monday!! *LOL*

So I don't hardly expect to be a finalist! *LOL*

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Corey @ I'll Keep You Posted said...

Welcome back, daddy!
Oooo. Everytime I use the term "daddy" I feel so salacious!

But you don't have to give ANY REASONS why I should vote for you,
your nominations TELL THE STORY! I
know I'm late but I still have time to vote - like RIGHT NOW!


MacDaddy said...

"Welcome back, daddy!"
Thanks, Corey, I'll be coming to see you at I'll Keep You Posted.

MacDaddy said...

"I voted for you, of course. (I'm assuming this Canuck of Euro descent is eligible to vote.)"
Stimpson, this crazy African from the projects says your vote will be counted. Blessings.