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Friday, December 11, 2009


Listen up. The Daddy got a question for you: Have you heard

Brownsugatoo? She's a black woman and spoken word poet with a lot to say and a bitter-sweet way of saying it. Sometimes harsh, at other times gentle, she still sometimes express in voice so tough it makes you want to sing the Black Panther anthem, "The revolution has come, it's time to pick up the gun." At other times, it makes you want to cry, in the powerful yet gentle voice of Nina Simone:

"I love you, Porgy.
Don't let him take me.
Don't let him handle me with his hot hands.
If you can keep me, I want to stay here.
Safe and forever. I got my man



Today, Inhumane tugged at me,
Spoke to me,
And tore me to the core:
“Teenage girl gang raped outside
A Richmond high school ‘door’.”

The tears stung
My face was numb.
Emotions just clawed at each other.
‘Cause what I physically WANTED to do -
Was dumb.

So I wrote “release”…

“Dumb bastards!”
I screamed.
“That was somebody’s daughter!”

Guess it was a day too late,
For y’all to be taught
That she is a Queen.

“Dumb bastards!”
I screamed.
“You were SOMEBODY'S son!”

You could have been-

NO, it IS too late.

A throne for you?

There is none.

Copyright 2009
C. Thomas
a.k.a. brownsugatou


Anna Renee said...

Beautiful and brutal. She was writing about a rape case that happened outside a high school in Richmond California. A 15 year old girl was gang raped and it was said that many others watched without trying to stop it. They claim to be afraid of repercussions in the brutal city of Richmond, California,whic is near Oakland.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Great poem, Sistah.

I tried to reach you and let you know I was highlighting the poem. However, I couldn't do it in Outreach. So I'm sending to you in this program. I apologize in this program. Blessings.

Anna Renee said...

Hey, Listen up!! Feel free to visit my blog and link to anything you'd like because it's an honor to have you! ;-D

Anonymous said...

MacDaddy - I've so enjoyed the poetry and poets you've introduced us to over the past couple years. I dare say we get a little LAZY about reading poetry --or intimidated? But you make it so pleasant and accessible (though hard-hitting topics like this one cut to the core and strip us bare.) Perhaps you have another poetry series in the works for the new year? I hope so!

Unknown said...

Really wonderful pause in my clean up
Saturday, Daddy! Ta. Nice work. Just the right amount of edge you are brought to, then... falling
..... a moment.

Anonymous said...

Please hold the Daddy in your prayers