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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Listen up: A friend emailed a brotha saying Luther Vanddross's song to his father was his favorite and asked "Who is your favorite?" I told him mine was Nina Simone's rendition of " I love you, Porgy."

Here are the words to the song:
I loves you, Porgy,
Don' let him take me,
Don' let him handle me an' drive me mad.
If you kin keep me,
I wants to stay here wid you forever,
An' I'd be glad.

I loves you, Porgy,
Don' let him take me
Don' let him handle me
With his hot han'
If you kin keep me
I wants to stay here wid you forever.
I got my man.

What's your favorite song?


Anna Renee said...

MacDaddy, that's an unfair and nearly impossible question! At least for me. I have to go artist by artist!I'll list a few: For Luther V. it's "Don't You know that"; For Bob Marley its "War";
For Al Green it's "Jesus is Waiting"; For Brass Construction it's "Changin"; For Donald Byrd it's "Falling like dominoes"; For Janet Jackson it's "Pleasure Principle"; For L.T.D. it's "Love to the world" For Maze it's "Joy and Pain"; for Bunny Wailer it's "Liberation"; for Gregory Isaacs it's "Stranger in your town"; For Parliament it's "Dr. Funkenstein" ad infinitum!! I'm old school, Mac Daddy and love just about everything except heavy metal.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Bartera: Hey out there Bartera. Welcom. Hoping to here more for you when you return. Thanks.

Anna: That question is unfair. So many great songs and writers. Blessings.

Max Reddick said...

I will agree with Anna Renee. I can't possibly answer that question. There are so many songs out there that I absolutely love depending on my mood. But perhaps the song I always turn to that best expresses the my posture toward the world is Sam Cooke's A Change Is Going to Come.

And I am a big Nina Simone fan; however, I save her for those special occasions when I really need to think.

Vigilante said...

MacDaddy, I think it was in 7th grade music class that we studied Porgy & Bess. I had to access a You Tube to pull it up into memory! Personally, (your readers will dump on me for this) I was always attached to Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. I loved the movie Bodyguard, too!

msladyDeborah said...

I would have a list so long that I'd probably have to e-mail it in parts.

I loves me some Nina! I have a nice collection in my media library. She was/is still the High Preistess of Soul!

Mike said...

I love love love They Can't Take That Away From Me for how it celebrates the (very) little things that we hold dear about those we love: the way you wear hat, hold your kife, sing off-key, etc.

Anonymous said...

Vigilante and Stimpson -just love it when you guys get romantic... You too MacDaddy!

David Hampton: said...

I like any of Nina's songs, but my favorite will always be, "I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl." She has such a sultry voice.