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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Ponder the Cost by Rainywalker

On, Memorial Day, the daddy made a promise. It went like this: "The daddy will remember our soldiers-- the standing and fallen-- on Memorial Day, everyday."

He said we should get out of Iraq because:

  • The US invasion and occupation was unnecessary;
  • It killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and caused even more to be displaced in other countries;
  • It caused deeper divisions among ethnic groups;
  • It caused the death of more than 4,000 US soldiers and psychologically damaged thousands more, perhaps for life;
  • It distracted us from capturing the number one terrorist (Osama Bin Laden) and his crazies (Al Queda) in Afghanistan, near the Pakistani border, and is serving as a recruiting tool for Al Queda;
  • It reconfigured power politics of the Middle East, transferring power from the US to Iran;
  • It is destroying untold numbers of US military families (something folks seemed to have forgotten on Memorial Day); and
  • It transferred to Iraq and Afghanistan financial and human resources needed to provide healthcare, jobs, education, affordable housing and greater safety at home; and
  • Iraqis don't want us there. Even the corrupt, hand-picked government that we put in power want a timetable for our withdrawal.
To honor his promise, the daddy will be doing posts related to the Iraqi war and our brave but poorly (civilian) led soldiers.

Tonight, I'm feeling this poem by Rainywalker.

I Ponder the Cost

I was not in the Revolutionary War, or at Valley Forge on that cold winter.

I was not with the patriots on their way to Trenton to fight the Hessian's.

I was not there when they sang "Yankee Doodle Dandy."

I have never been to Cornwallis's Yorktown.

But I ponder the cost!

I was not in the War of 1812 and watched "the bombs bursting in air."
I was not with Francis Scott Key when he wrote the "Star Spangled banner."
I was not there to see the British enslave our men at sea.
I was not there to watch the Executive Mansion when it burned.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in the American Civil War and watched brother against brother.
I was not with the federals at Gettysburg to watch the cannon charge.
I was not with McClellan at Antietam as both sides lost 4710 dead, 18440 wounded and 3043 missing.
I was not at Appomattox Courthouse when General Lee turned in his sword.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in WWI and mustard gassed on the battlefield.
I was not at the battle of the Argonne.
I was not in the stalemated trenches of death.
I have never visited Verdun.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in WWII and on the beaches of Normandy.
I was not there when Berlin fell to the Allies and Hitler died.
I was not in a sub lost off the north Atlantic coast.
I have never visited IWO Jima.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in Korea at In-Chon to feel the cold, cold winter.
I was not with the American White Tigers in North Korea.
I was not in South Korea when the priests were nailed to trees in the streets.
I have never been to Pork Chop Hill.
But I ponder the cost!

I was in Vietnam, with the woman dressed in black.
I was not at Khe Sanh knee deep in blood.
I was not at Hamburger Hill.
I have never seen the craters in Hanoi.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in Desert Storm, as the sand coughed up death.
I was not on an F-117 as it dropped it's bombs.
I was not with the Allied soldiers when they took back Kuwait.
I have never been on the ground where the lighting charge occurred.
But I ponder the cost!

I was not in Iraqi Freedom and seen the Baghdad city limits.
I was not with the chemical war specialists when they searched for WMD.
I was not there when Saddam Hussein was captured.
I have never been to Aba Graube prison where the Spooks committed murder.
But I ponder the cost!

I will not be there at future battles amongst the stars.
Nor watch as the war machines stir up dust on the moon.
Nor watch as the International Space Station stops spinning.
Nor watch as blood runs across the face of Mars.
But I will ponder the cost!

I was with them in only one of their struggles.
And with a simple symbol of stars and strips forever.
I ponder the cost!


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Rainywalker is a good poet. Honest, brutal, totally from the heart to clense himself without much concern for appearances. I love his stuff.. . . it's also a joy to read in it's cadence.

sdg1844 said...

I am loving this post and your new series on the war and our soldiers. It's heart breaking and anger inducing in ways I can't even articulate. I will be tuning in to your site as always.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for drawing attention to the war and its impact on soldiers. I hope that some veterans or current soldiers will drop by your blog and comment. I'm sure that there are stories that aren't told, that need to be told, about the personal cost of this war. Blogs like this might be one of the few outlets, considering the likely tight controls on the stories released to the media.
Thanks MacDaddy,

rainywalker said...

Continue to speak out about the war and injustice. Poetry can never bring back what America has lost over the years. But it can help us to remember, reflect and feel what others have gone through, the sadness they once faced, the loneliness of not being the last one. Of love that will one day be renewed.

MacDaddy said...

sagacious: My thoughts precisely.
sdg: Heartbreaking is a good way to put it, but, as you know, we owe it to them and their families to do what we can. I don't have any answers, but I'm checking blogs and talking to veterans that will talk to me.
Verna: I, too, hope soldiers will drop by. But I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. The few
Iraqi vets I know are so disappointed in the civilian leadership that they don't want to talk about it. But we'll see. Thanks for coming.

MacDaddy said...

Rainywalker: Thanks for letting me use your poem. Much appreciated.