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Friday, July 25, 2008

Senator McCain's Inappropriate Remark

Here's the outlandish statement that Sen. McCain made about Sen. Barack Obama:
"It seems to me that Senator Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign." Besides being desperate for publicity, he is suggesting that Obama, or
anyone, who disagrees with his idea of staying in Iraq for 100 years is self-centered, naive, unpatriotic, even treasonous. Here's what some veterans had to say:

* As a veteran of a fifteen-month combat tour in Iraq at the height of the surge, it is incredibly offensive to see John McCain make off color remarks about Senator Obama's view on Iraq, claiming he "wants to lose" there. By bolstering his political rhetoric, he forgets that many veterans of the war in Iraq would like to see a reallocation of forces to Afghanistan to combat genuine threats to our national security. Would John McCain be so cavalier to say that I want to lose in Iraq, a place where many of my friends left their lives and limbs?

Alex Horton
Austin, TX
Iraq veteran

* Senator McCain's comments represent the radical anti-troop, anti-veteran rhetoric his campaign has become known for. I went to combat, and I saw first-hand the damage the failed policies of George W. Bush and John McCain have caused to our American troops. I wonder if this eye-witness knowledge means that I want to lose as well.

Richard Smith
Huntsville, AL
Afghanistan veteran

* The message of "losing" being offered by Senator McCain is a lie. There is no compelling United States interest in Iraq that is worth the treasure and time that our nation has been asked to pay. The police action in Iraq has done nothing other than to show the world that America is weak and afraid--of admitting mistakes. In this case, over 4,000 men and women have died because of the cowardice and lack of integrity of our political leadership.

Senator McCain has to stop following this folly. He has to show strength and admit that the strength of America is in its willingness to champion reason over fear. There is no possible cost-benefit analysis that can justify the abandonment of the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to police a sovereign state that no longer desires our presence.

George Zubaty
Louisville, KY
Iraq and Afghanistan veteran
2001-02 and 2003-04

* To suggest that Senator Obama wants to "lose" in Iraq is outlandish, thought I can't help but notice that Senator McCain has no problem with the fact that we continue to lose ground every day in Afghanistan--the real War on Terror.

Brian McGough
Ashburn, VA
Iraq and Afghanistan veteran
2001-02 and 2003

To read the full story, see "Veterans Respond to McCain's 'Obama Wants to Lose'" by Brandon Friedman at Vet Voice.


MountainLaurel said...

Thanks for posting that, MacDaddy. So often we all fall into the "vets are for Republicans" trap that it's good to see that vets have various views.

sdg1844 said...

I'm glad you posted these responses from our troops who are actually risking life and limb, not engaging in triflin' ass pot shots.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are almost as interesting as your posts.

Felicity said...

Senator McCain is old and he should concentrate on looking after his grandchildren, but people like him like to send the young to die for a cause, so that he and his bullies get rich.

Ruppie said...

Great seeing the comments from the vets.
One thing I always find interesting (and frustrating) about McCain is that, although he has a stong opinion about not losing the war, he's never willing to define just what "victory" would be.
Just what has to happen to win?

He's an old Vietnam warrior and he seems intent on fighting that war all over again. Under his policies, we'd still have troops there as well, and a who knows how many killed and wounded. Instead, we're developing a booming trade with the country, benefiting us both.

MacDaddy said...

mountain: The reception that Sen. Obama received from soldiers this week and the respect some say they have of him leads me to think that a lot of soldiers want our occupation of Iraq to end. The Iraqi people and the supposedly sovereign Iraqi government have suggested that they don't want us there. So I need someone to explain to me where we're still there.
sdg: I'm not that religious and, if there is a God, I doubt if he or she will listen to me. But when I pray, the first thing I ask is to keep our brave but poorly (civilian) led soldiers safe and bring them home in one alive and well.

MacDaddy said...

snon: In German, it means chancellor, which, in German politics, is equivalent to Prime Minister. In ebonics, it means HNIC, which, in this forum, is inappropriate to further clarify.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the story, Mac. Love your blogs, as they're always varied and quite interesting . See you soon- your friend, Ferrari.

MacDaddy said...

ruppie: Is this your first time visiting? Welcome. And you're right: He speaks of victory and surge, never taking the time to explain either. For example, the surge was supposed to reduce violence and pave the way for a political settlement. Well, Iraqis started fighting back against Al Qaeda before the introduction of 30,000 additional troops. Maktador, the cleric with ral juice in Iraq, had ordered his people to stop shooting before the surge. And Shiites had begun running the Sunnis out of their neighborhoods before the surge. So to say that the reduction of violence was due to the introduction of 30,000 additional soldiers is a kind of half-truth, because it does not include these ethnic cleansing, a halt in killing by Maktador's people and the fact that Iraqis starting fighting against Al Qaeda on their own. But if you listen to McCain, you'll never hear any of this.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

McCain was really reaching on that one. He needs to go back to the cheese goodies in that German restaurant.

rainywalker said...

Last few days post have been great.
Thanks for the veteran comments their voice is sometimes lost.

Ruppie said...

It is my first time here. Interesting stuff. I'm sure I'll be back.
One other factor you won't hear McCain mention is the fact that we started paying the Iraqis to fight for us instead of against us.
Amazing what spreading the cash around over there can do.
At least we seem to have gotten something for our money this least for now

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I was sitting in a small store on Thurs. while a friend of mine bought one of those expensive items that needed to be registered and licensed. So I'm sittin there and they've got FoxNews blaring. I usually turn the other way when that happens as it so often does in these parts, but they were covering Obama in Berlin with side stories about his Iraq trip. Yea, they were covering it and making it look like some glorious grand pagent. They were actually saying many positive things about the trip and the words Obama had and was saying at the time.
I thought right then and there. . . we just might have a really good chance in this fight. Is the right conceding to some degree?

MacDaddy said...

sagacious: We'll see. But they had to give a brotha some props. After all, his trip was perfect. He said all the right thinks and acted presidential, thus making us all look good.
ruppie: Yes, I saw a long story of how we started paying some of the same people who had shot at and probably killed American soldiers to fight. Even so, our soldiers had to goad them into battle. Now, when you have to pay people to fight for their own country, you know it's a stupid war and you need to pack it up and go home.

But I think the way Maliki and his Shiite police have used the training we gave them to kill Sunnis and run them out of the country is a story that's not being told, i.e. they've used as an instrument of ethnic cleansing. Be well. said...

Hello there!

McCain knows that he has lost the race... by now... most of the American public knows...

Thank you for addressing this!

Continue to blow the trumpet!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

MacDaddy said...

Thanks, Lisa. And thanks for the work you do over at your blog. I rarely comment, but I'm visiting you all the time. Bless you.