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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two Poems from the Daddy

“It was intended that you should perish in the ghetto. Perish by never being allowed to go behind the white man’s definitions, by never being allowed to spell your name, your proper name.”
-- from The Fire Next
Time by James Baldwin

Historical note: Emmett Louis Till was a 14 year old African American boy from Chicago who was visiting relatives in Mississippi. He allegedly spoke to a white woman in a general store. For this alleged behavior, he was taken from his bed at night, beaten, shot and dumped in the Tallahatchie River. An all-white jury found the men who did this innocent. His courageous mother publicized the murder, insisting on an open coffin at his funeral so the world could see the horrific brutality he suffered. His murder galvanized the country and gave Americans the courage to march against segregation. Emmett was not forgotten.

Emmett Till
by MacDaddy

Black male, curious youth,
Galvanizer of a movement to reclaim humanity,
Sometimes, when I walk along the banks of the Mississippi,
I can still see your fist push above water, making
Waves still.

I can still see your skinny brown frame rise above water, your
Right arm jump
at me then slowly, slowly
Ease back
into the river, become one with the fog, those
Deep-set eyes fixed, that muscled right hand clenched, descending
Beneath the waters, crying
I'll never let you forget

The daddy wrote “Survival” as a testament to African American’s long struggle for liberation in the United States. It speaks to his pride in his people and his recognition of the fact that he sits proudly on the shoulders of those who came before him.

by MacDaddy

We are like flowers on the banks of Mount St. Helens
Always near the crest of outburst, the jutting fire
The smoldering flame

Scalded with heat, covered with ash, abandoned
To wither with the frying dead again
And again.


We rise, recollect and return to green next spring
We rise; even bloom here and there

We rise, moist petals with deep roots


We rise. A sun people fresh grown
To breathe clear air. We rise.

We will always rise.


Anonymous said...

We still remember.

rainywalker said...

Sad, but very beautiful. Let us all continue to feel your poetry.

Patti T said...

As always, I am moved by your words, the words of a strong African American man who has influenced this Latina woman in many ways--I learn more about your history, your culture, your reality and I am also able to reflect on my history, my culture, my reality...
Thank you MacDaddy.

Vigilante said...

McDaddy, I'm glad you're maintaining a Michelle O. watch. I'll put your site on my reader, so I'll be up to date on her!

I also love the Williams sisters, Serena being my favorite. They have done wonders for the WTA! said...

Hey MacDaddy...

This poetry is ....just righteous....

Keep talking to me Daddy....


MacDaddy said...

Thanks, Lisa. By the way, loved the piece on your blog about the agency of the black woman. Thanks for the work you do.
rainywalker- Thanks for the support.
vigilante-I'm going to be blogging about Michell and this silly political season. And, yes, love Serena.
Patt- Your comments is why I take this blog so seriously. I keep telling my friends that this blog is not about me but us, African Americans, us, Americans of all ethnicities. But many of them don't come because it's just going to be about me or another put down of Hillary Clinton. You give me hope. Thanks.

sdg1844 said...

Well done. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I like your sincere intro of survival almost as much as the poem. It speaks to your integrity and that shines thru in everything you write.

Nun in the Hood said...

Some realities can only be articulated in POETRY, and you do that so well, MacDaddy....PLEASE keep writing...From the comments your words speak powerfully to many....I wish i could write poetry...My dear friend died yesterday, and only a poet's words to describe this reality....Maybe I'll give it a try....

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mac, I love honest poetry. Thanks.

Honesty and guts makes writing great.
Appropriate that you have James Baldwin leading your post.