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Friday, July 18, 2008

Update on the LaVena Johnson Case

From the LaVena Johnson blog:

Socialist Appeal post on LaVena

Josh Lucker of Socialist Appeal attended the Black & Green Wednesday panel discussion on PFC LaVena Johnson that was held on June 4, and has published an article in support of the effort to re-investigate her death in Iraq.
On June 6th, a panel discussion was held in St. Louis to discuss the death of LaVena Johnson. She was the first Missouri woman killed in Iraq, just eight days shy of her 20th birthday. Today, three years after her death, questions still surround the circumstances of this tragedy. Her father, Dr. John Johnson, and other family members, have dedicated countless hours researching and traveling the country looking for an answer.
Lucker's article references the incidence of sexual assault in the military - the family of PFC Johnson believes that sexual assault was an circumstance in her death - as well as other cases of women soldiers who died from “self-inflicted, noncombat injuries” whose deaths demand vigorous investigation.

Many thanks to Josh and to Socialist Appeal for their article.


Anonymous said...

I read her parents have getting the run-around for 3 years. None of my daughters are joining. said...

Hello there...

I know that the truth WILL COME out...

Thank you for covering this story so thoroughly!

MacDaddy said...

anon: I think I understand. I mean, what chief agency, what person is supposed to be providing oversight over this stuff? I'm just as patriotic as anyone else, but, if I had daughters, and if I didn't have reasonable assurance that my government is looking out for them, I wouldn't tell them not to join. I'm still doing research and will share more later.
Lisa: Thanks. And thanks for your insights on the post about Bill Cosby. Regardless of positions, it felt good to have a quality conversation with you. I appreciate you.