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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Michael Steele: you let a brotha down

Dear Michael Steele
HNIC of the RNC

Listen up, Steele. I'm mad at you, man. All my homies at the yuppie coffee shop were bragging on you. They said you showed up on that foul-mouth H.L. Hughleys' show and showed out-- you called talk radio host Rush Limbaugh out as nothing but an entertainer but an entertainer who is, nonetheless, "incendiary" and "ugly," meaning he's nothing but a fat, drug-addicted,
government-hating-race- baiting-right-wing Rick Warren-loving-Joe Six Pack-manipulating, crazy mother ("Shut your mouth!" Talking bout druggie Limbaugh!) . Otherwise, he's a nice guy.

The brothas at the coffee shop said you nailed it, speaking truth to power, no matter how big, figuratively and literally, at least in the case of Limbaugh. The Week.Com laid it down:

Michael Steele did Democrats a huge favor, said Steve Benen in The Washington Monthly. By saying that “Rush Limbaugh’s schtick is both ‘incendiary’ and ‘ugly,’” (watch the CNN video), Steele drove a wedge between the GOP leadership and its Limbaugh-loving base. The offense “baited” Limbaugh into launching an on-air tirade against Steele, which only made the spotlight on the feud brighter."

I said to myself, "I don't often agree with Michelle Backman, that wacky representative from Minnesota, but Michael Steele-- YOU BE THE MAN!"

Now, I just read online where you apologized. Politico and Political Machine reported today that you caved in, that you delivered Limbaugh "your rear end." Political Machine put it this way:

"Two days after calling Rush Limbaugh a mere "entertainer" with an "incendiary" talk show, Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele apologized and acknowledged the radio commentator as a "national conservative leader...I respect Rush Limbaugh, he is a national conservative leader, and in no way do I want to diminish his voice," Steele said in a statement late Monday...I'm sure that he and I will agree most of the time, but will probably disagree some as well, which is fine."

In other words, after speaking truth to power, you switched and apologized to that same power (Rush Limbaugh and, by extension, the right-wing of the Republican Pary). In other words, after delivering your rear end, you got down on bended knees in a praying position and asked the Lawd to forgive for going back on your words, on your truth, and then stuck a knife into your own soul! This to the man whose son died on the cross for you! Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

You hypocritical fake black man! You middle-aged manchild! You--you---you---"Negro!" Have you lost your mind? Have you been away from the central city, from regular black folk and your black relatives so long that you've lost your mother wit? Have you forgotten that, if you're going to sell out to powerful white people, sell out all the way? Don't you understand you should be bowing at the feet of the Republican base 24/7 like Bobby Jindal, a guy who seems to have lost his mother wit and speaking voice too?

And don't you realize that if you're going to go against powerful white people, you got to go all the way? You got to do a total beat-down of druggie Limbaugh and then make another round of talk-shows not only backing up your assertions but also lay out a new direction for your sorry Republican Party?

And don't you know that, just as Limbaugh and fellow talk radio friends are sending out the KKK, or some equivalent, to silence you, you have to steal the headlines again, denouncing the Republican Party as backward and switch to the democratic party, pledging your undying love to golden boy President Obama, his stimulus plan and change even a spook who sits by the door can believe in? That's how a playa plays wealthy white playas that don't give a damn about black and regular folk in this country-- with some mojo,with John The Conquer Root, and with some motherwit that the folk back home best understand, know what I'm saying?

Steele: You let a brotha down. You let yourself get chumped by chumps who aren't even that smart. But here's what you do: take a break and go home-- no, not back to your fancy slave quarters in the suburbs. Go back to your real home, DOWN South where all your folk speak ebonics. Get one of the older women in the know to sprinkle some angel dust on you, give you the Conquer root and, as Muddy Water loved to say, get you a"mojo hand."

It might not be too late. Even a Negro Republican sellout deserves a second chance.


The daddy


rainywalker said...

We could replace all of Congress and the House with people off the street, average Americans and I feel get just as much done and save the country tax dollars we need for real problems.

Christopher said...

MC Steele has rug burns on his knees now from spending an hour fellating Rush Limbaugh.

Maybe Steele can tell us what it's like to get up close and personal with a junkie and a pedophile?

MacDaddy said...

rainy: Once they get into the beltway, something happens to many lawmakers. I don't know if it's the taste of power, the constant meetings with lobbyists or the loss of a strong connection to constituents back or what. But they lose something and before they know it, they're not working for the people back home or the country so much as themselves.

Christopher: With your descriptive imagery of what Steele has done to Limbaugh, you have effectively ruined my appetite for lunch. LOL

Christopher said...

I'm sorry, Daddy. LOL!

Rush is a pig: a junkie and a pedophile who regularly frequents Puerto Punta, Dominican Republic, where all the wealthy American and European pedophiles vacation.

Everyone knows it yet, no one wants to discuss it. Whatever, I'll discuss it and get the word out.

Rush belongs in jail.

MacDaddy said...

Christopher: Your inside knowledgeable about right-wing Republicans astounds me...hope I never run into these folks.

rainywalker said...

Your right daddyBstrong money and power corrupt. Either way the people will end up between a rock and a hard place.

RiPPa said...

Man you broke this fool down to the bone gristle. Something he so rightfully deserves. Flush Limpballs all but called him a shoe shine boy when he told him to get on his job.


MacDaddy said...

RIPPAP: Thanks. Just so you know, I can't comment on your blog due to the word verification notice.Love the blog though.

Anonymous said...

Mac, those are some fierce words but they need to be said. About that second chance...I don't know. I think Steele's had a lot of second chances already.

MadMike said...

I have to agree with R.J. I also think Steele has had enough chances to redeem himself. I was so pleased when he put Sir Blubberbaugh in his place, only then to ... uh...what Christopher said! I am astonished at the lengths otherwise honorable people will go to pleasure this blowhard at the expense of their own character.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

It's so damn depressing. Seeing someone sell their soul. . . What's really pitiful is the fact that, like you said, these people aren't all that smart yet they control and manipulate so well.
But hey, Barack Obama is president of the United States and he's changing the way the United States conducts its affairs from the inside out! It could certainly be worse! Fuck Michael Steele and his puppet masters.

MacDaddy said...

Madmike: You and R.J. may be right: Steele may have been given enough chances. It will certainly be tough for him to transcend this humiliation.

RJ: Do you still have a blog?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and I even put together a whole site for my almost all-female readership. Namely my writing group. You're always welcome to drop by and see what I'm up to. I'm even on Twitter now. said...

Hey there Daddy!

This is the classic case of the house negro thinking that he can say whatever he wants to....and finding out that massa is being told everything he says...


Vigilante said...

Daddy, I hate to say it but Steele is not the only Republican lacking steel. From time to time in this decade, a few Republicans have had momentary episodes of epiphany and realized how toxic and dysfunctional their leadership has been for the national interests. They have stood up and spoken their minds. But when night fell, and their home phones have been rung off the hooks, they have come back, cringing and groveling apologies the next day. The very next day. It's not the hapless Steele. It's the nature of the G.O.P. beast.