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Thursday, March 5, 2009

President Obama, Limbaugh and the GOP

The President's address to a joint session of Congress

Listen up. Are you having fun as much as the daddy watching the GOP implode before your very eyes? Check it:

*You got talk show radio blowhard druggie Rush Limbaugh saying he wants President Obama to fail. He's saying this a brotha working 24/7 to keep us from going into a depression and to get this back on sound economic footing;
* You got other Republicans stumbling over themselves trying to minimize druggie Limbaugh's blatant anti-American statement while, at the same time, trying not to offend him; and
* You got Michael Steele, the new head of the RNC and supposedly a great communicator, going on foul-mouth D.L. Hughley's television program, calling druggie Limbaugh a mere "entertainer" whose words are "incendiary," and "ugly" and then apologizing to him within hours. Why this Negro did everything but iron Limbaugh's mafia-looking black shirt, shine his shoes, and, as Limbaugh is walking away, cry out in ebonics "I loves u, massa!"

Yes, it's funny, but what is this all about really? Not sure? Well, let the daddy smack it for a minute:

1. Generally speaking, Republicans are angry that Barack Obama became president. A Black man running this country? Why it goes against their racist concept of the very order of things. In their small minds, white males run things. Women and nonwhites provide sex, serve as an alarm clock to wake them up for work, make up their beds, pick up their clothes from the cleaners and shine and buff their shoes. But in a dizzying reversal of fortune, they had to stomach the tall skinny black guy signing into law bills to make it easier for trial lawyers to go to town suing employers for past discrimination against women. They could only grimace as the tall skinny black guy reversed one executive decision after another made by President Bush as he was unceremoniously being kicked out of the White House door. And worst of all, Republicans from both the house and the senate had to watch the very popular tall skinny black guy and President of THEIR country give a State of the Union Address, signaling the end of Reagan the B-grade actor's ideology demonizing government as the enemy and heralding rich white folk as the trickle-down savior of us losers and unwashed masses (And you thought a fat white Santa Claus coming down chimneys every yeas was jive!). Worst of all, the tall skinny black guy had that fast-talking, long-winded white dude (VP Joe Biden) and that "Sanfrancisco liberal" (in other words, representative of gays) white woman (Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi) sitting BEHIND him. OH-MY-GOD...For the GOP, this was almost too much to bear. Poor things.

2. The tall skinny black guy is succeeding. He's succeeding in demeanor, remaining as calm as James Bond steering a plane going down, as cool as Shaft giving instructions to homies under gunfire. He's succeeding in leadership, calmly directing some of the best minds in our country to deal with perhaps the greatest economic crisis since the depression. Confident but sobering, he's treating the American people like adults--admitting that getting out of this economic crisis may take years. By speaking the truth to them, by keeping their expectations in check, he remains believable and popular, no matter what Republicans say.

3. While the Obama administration is succeeding, the Republican party is imploding from within. Republicans say that Rahm Emanuel started the problem with Republicans by proclaiming Rush Limbaugh as their leader. Not true. Emanuel and the dems are just taking advantage of a divisiveness that was just under the surface-- the divisiveness between moderate Republicans represented by Steele and the right-wing branch represented by Limbaugh. By chastising Steele and protecting Limbaugh, Republican leaders are trying to hold onto what's left of the Republican party (its right-wing base) until it can come together and figure out a way to fool middle and low-income whites again.

The key thing to remember here is that Republicans no longer have an ideology. Once upon a time, they clung to the Reagan ideology like monkeys on a tree branch. But Reagan's keep-the-government-out-of-it- ideology is of absolutely no service to the country. His notion of letting the free enterprise system work its "magic" on the market is like telling a secretary to dispense with a Dell computer and go back to the Royal typewriter. Like the Royal typewriter and buggy whips, Reaganism is a product of a bygone era.

Without an ideology, even a simplistic one, Republicans are like a starving, half-naked man wandering in the desert for days, craving water but only seeing mirages. For now, that mirage is Limbaugh, but there will be others. But what this proves is that, if you don't have a working ideology, you probably won't have much of a leader either. You will only have a party wandering from idiot to idiot, devoid of real leadership.

Yes, it's funny. The GOP is sticking its foot in its mouth, Limbaugh is only a fill-in, and Steele is just shining shoes. But what simplistic, ideology and manufactured, corporate-backed "decider" will they contrive and market to us unwashed masses next?

15 comments: said...

Hey there Daddy!

Well...I am a Repub...

I also see NOTHING in Rick Warren's position that the black church hasn't upheld for years and years...I wrote a post about that two weeks ago...

What else can we disagree on?


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

they really mad because they did not have enuff balls to stop the bush spending machine

judy said...

Daddy, you know what I like best about this post? It reminds me that Rush, and those that pander to him, are not taking over the world... just a strange, half-naked, wandering portion of it. Having spent 8 years in the minority, I forget that I'm part of the majority now, and OUR president is at the helm. Thank you for the reminder.

MacDaddy said...

Lisa: Welcome. I miss your voice. I'm not so sure we're disagreeing on anything really. I read your piece on Rick Warren and the black church and, for the most part, agree with it. Despite my appreciation of some black ministers as individuals, I've written here and elsewhere that, generally speaking, the black church is conservative, homophobic and sexist.

I also know you're Republican. But, in my mind, you're being Republican, some of my friends being Republican, does not in any way invalidate the points the points I made about the Republican party I made in this post. It is in disarray. It is allowing fools like Limbaugh and other right-wing folks to intimidate moderate Republicans. It is failing the American people; and behind this failure is a failed Reagan ideology, which came fruition in the last 8 years.

Okay, you get the last word as long as you come back and see me. I miss you.

Torrance: Yes, and now they don't have enough balls to fight Limbaugh and the right-wing base he represents. When they're telling lies about Obama and other dems, they talk pretty tough. But when it comes to standing up against a jerk and a guy who keeps their party from going forward, they got no balls. And, in the case of Bobby Jindal, they have no voice either.

rainywalker said...

The Republicans must now reap what they sowed. They really will have no leader during the next four years. The presidents staff need to stay on point and not get distracted. So the opportunity, so the responsibility.

Anonymous said...

"Republicans are angry that Barack Obama became president. A Black man running this country? Why it goes against their racist concept of the very order of things".

I agree with what you say about Obama but
a stretch to paint all republicans as racist --which you suggest here.

As for Steele, he'll be resigning before march goes out like a lamb.

MacDaddy said...

"I agree with what you say about Obama but a stretch to paint all republicans as racist --which you suggest here."
Anon: Maybe I didn't write it as clearly as I could have. Still, I don't think I painted ALL Republicans as racist. I was referring primarily to Republican office holders in the house and the senate and the right-wing of the Republican party. I especially focused on moderate Republicans allowing themselves to be intimidated by a radio talk show host. I have friends in the Republican party. They're not racist. They're just too stubborn to see that the Republican party is ideologically bankrupt and politically corrupt.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey Mac, This post was a real pleasure for me to read. We're sorta close in age, I think, and the shoe shine image popped in my head immediately as the Michael Steele & Rush drama unfolded.

Steele is old enough and was raised in racist, segregated DC the same time I was. He should've known better that if he was going to be the GOP's 'boy', he'd better know his place - which is basically shining their shoes.

How could he not think that Rush wouldn't go off on his ass? Don't no racist white man of that generation want a black man telling them anything or trying to sound smarter. Steele's job has been to do what he was told which is to sucker blacks into the GOP, and I'll bet the carrot on the stick was he might be bankrolled to run against Obama in 2012 if he was a good Negro.

I'm glad Rush punished him and that Steele kissed his ass with an apology 56 minutes later, for two reasons: it revealed the effed up characters of both of them.

R.J. said...

Mac, I feel like Flounder from Animal House.

"Boy, is this great!"

Christopher said...

It's all very peculiar, Daddy baby.

Rush Limbaugh is a junkie and a pedophile, so I can't for the life of me understand why the GOP would want to stake their future riches on this cat?

In fact, I saw a poll earlier this week that said among Americans who identify themselves as "Republicans," they dislike Fatty by a margin of 60%.

So, what the hell is the GOP dancing with this clown?

MacDaddy said...

Kit: Right on, Kit. Steele is a fool for staying in his place. If you're gonna shine shoes, do it well. Make a spit shine! Are you over the flu?

R.J: Thanks.

Anonymous said...


You are right, as usual; as a matter of fact, I've gone to listening to the rants of Hannity, Limbaugh and the others on "FOX" (racist and unbalanced) radio. It's amusing and kind of scary the things they are allowed to say armed with their "1st Amendment Rights". I wonder how many minutes it would be if we would take to the airwaves and tell all blacks to go out to their gun shops and get legal registration for guns they need to buy for the upcoming revolution that is surely coming to America? We would be shut down IMMEDIATELY-EVEN IN THE AGE OF OBAMA!!

Yet, these folks can say whatever and slander anyone they so please. It's funny because I know they can't right now...that allows me to sleep well at night...

In an age where we're finally seeing how devious Wall Street has been and can be, and how many people have stolen the farm away from the farmers (Madoff and ilk like him), isn't it ironic that now white folk have to struggle just like we've been doing forever...Everybody is broke, and cannot buy at will like they have been so used to doing.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yes Daddy, I'm enjoying the show. I believe in a two party system. I believe that conservatives and liberal alike have a lot to give to the administration and legislation of this country. Sadly, the republicans have degenerated into a hate filled, nasty assed, spiteful party of know-it-all punks who, up until a short time ago wielded a whole lot of power with their purse strings. The party has become something it was never meant to be. It's time. Time for them to implode upon themselves. Time for Americans to stand up and tell them to shove their greed, scorn and disrespect where the sun don't shine.
Hopefully a new republican party will emerge. A republican party filled with true conservative who really do care about the well being of the country and her people above all else. So yea, it's good to watch this crumbling. I watch with optimism for a future where both parties are working together for the common good.

MacDaddy said...

"I watch with optimism for a future where both parties are working together for the common good."
Sagacious: Me too.

Anonymous said...

Daddy: "Not sure? Well, let the daddy smack it for a minute"