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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Series: Lessons to deal with Crisis

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Listen up. The daddy has friends who knows he was a counselor or therapist for years. Lately, they've been emailing him about their problems. He's sure you can guess what they are:

*Our bad economy;
*Their personal financial crises and the affect it is having on their families and personal relationships:
*Having to sell their home at a price beneath its real value;
*Wanting to leave and divorce their husbands but unable to do so due to poor finances;
* Moving their college son or daughter back into the home, because they can no longer pay for him or her to live in college dorms.

But some are also lamenting the disruption of retirement plans, because they have to take care of their grandsons and granddaughters. The daughter is hooked up with some guy, and they think she's on crack. And they never had any idea where the kid's father is. But most are writing about the fact that their paycheck is decreasing as everything from groceries to gas is increasing.

Yes, times are hard, but America has seen hard times before. But this seems like more than hard times, at least for the daddy's friends. It seems that they have lost confidence in the government to get them out of this economic crisis as well as confidence in themselves.
Rather than keep responding to them on an individual basis, the daddy is going to offer some life lesson he has learned.

Now don't worry. These lessons won't be written in academese, big words but small ideas designed more to get credentials than to educate or connect. No, they will be general lessons that hit home and, hopefully, make you say, -- "Yeah that makes sense" or, "Yeah, maybe I outta look at it that way more often." The daddy wants to rock the truth and not continue confusion.

Hopefully, these truths-- this motherwit as Aunt Bess used to say-- will hit home and move my friends in Minneapolis and you who come to this blog to take a second look at America and, but most of all, look at yourself-- at the way you approach to problems as much as the problems themselves.

And the daddy wants you to share the lessons you've learned either after a crisis or before one.

The daddy will get this party started tomorrow and rock it til a few mornings come. See you then.


MountainLaurel said...

I'm really looking forward to this series.

MadMike said...

Me too Mountain Laurel. I love this blog. said...

Hey there!

Bring on the life lessons!

I have been waiting for you to really GO THERE!

Can't wait! Bring on the wisdom teaching, Daddy!

Peace, blessings and godliness,

MacDaddy said...

Lisa: Hi, Lisa. I'm looking forward to it too. But of course it won't just be me. I have really smart people who come to my blog. They're good communicators tool. So, I'm sure we'll all from their lessons as well.


I'm looking forward to both of you sharing about your life lessons as well.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Looking forward to it Daddy.
Yesterday someone asked me how it felt to have lost most of my retirement saving and I told them that if the economy hadn't tanked, there was a chance that right now we would beliving under another republican administration that would be doing nothing but further f'ing up the economy and getting us deeper and deeper into a war society.
Today, we have possibly the smartest president ever and certainly in my lifetime who is a compassionate, intellectual, level headed liberal and most wonderous of all, he is black. (wonderous, because I never thought I'd see it happen in my lifetime. . . I know the wy the proles think)
I'd trade every dime I've got for that and die happy.

Solomon said...

I have been poking around and not commenting for a while, but I'm sure looking forward to this series.

I'm curious to see what kinds of life lessons you are going to cover MacDaddy.

judy said...

Daddy, I'm looking forward to this too. The first time I stumbled across you (blogging about an Irish poet) I knew you had something to say to me.

Sagacious, That was beautiful. Thanks for writing it.

Anonymous said...

God knows, I can use some wisdom. I've made some bad decisions in my life -- how do you forgive yourself, and move on?????? How do you stop torturing yourself ????

Anonymous said...

Daddy, Thanks for your column. I have some questions about emotional and verbal abuse. I've always felt that harsh, hurtful words cut to the bone -- and have always been accused of being too sensitive. I have a hard, hard time defending myself verbally with bullies. Is there any hope? How can I learn to defend myself?

Revvy Rev said...

Great idea! Because that is what its really all about. We have, as you say, been thru hard times before, but what did we learn? So that history does not repeat itself or we keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Villager said...

I look forward to your upcoming blog series on a topic that impacts all of us...

peace, Villager