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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Waiting to Exhale Made Him a Little Misty, but The Daddy Didn't Cry

Listen up. Yesterday, The Daddy received a stinging criticism via email. A friend told a brotha why he doesn't like to come to his blog: It's too serious. He said "Daddy, you're serious all the time...even your poetry is too serious. You need to lighten up."

Well, The Daddy told him he made a valid point. He said that, in the future, he will continue to write serious and, hopefully, meaningful posts but promised to write more humorous pieces as well.

And just to show him The Daddy doesn't "always" write serious stuff, the daddy is posting this piece for him today, a review of Waiting to Exhale. He promised to check it out. If you haven't read it before, check it out too:

Waiting to Exhale Made Him Misty,But the Daddy Didn't Cry
by Mac Walton, aka MacDaddy

Listen up.The daddy wants to ask you something.Have you ever been awaken late a night to the sound of a woman screaming? The daddy was; and he said to himself:“Okay, daddy, a woman may be getting assaulted just outside your bedroom window. front door! You always talk about being a man. Well, be one! "Be a good citizen! Help a woman in distress!"

"Quick!Get dressed!
Quick! Get out there...and take your piece with you!"

"Hold up! Hold up, citizen." It hit the daddy. The phony scream and the damn cable tv brought him back to reality, helped him to figure it out. The daddy went to bed with the tv on, rolled over onto the remote and woke up to a sorry porno flick.

The daddy watched a woman having sex with two men for a minute (Okay, maybe two or three minutes) and came immediately to one inescapable conclusion: These were the worse actors he had ever seen, dressed or naked. Even old Ronald B-grade-movie Reagan or a drugged up Brittany Spears could do better than this. Maybe this is why they were in porno movies.

Porno or no porno, the daddy hates bad acting. The only possible exception of course are bad actors who firebomb buildings, chase bad guys through dark, dangerous streets at breakneck speed, mow them down in the middle of the street with a trusty AK 47, then trap the thug leader in an alley and face off against him one on one, rearranging his nose and sexual organ via the route of some serious ass-kicking, karate style.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

My boy Wesley!

So the daddy punched the remote just once and there he was, Wesley Snipes, one of the baaadest ass-kickers of all times. But what’s this? Instead of chasing a bad guy down an alley, he’s sitting in a hotel, talking to a woman, his voice barely carrying over elevator music worse than that phony jazz of Kenny G. What’s this? Instead of standing up to a bad guy on a dark street in the hood (probably called Martin Luther King Drive or Avenue. When thugs want to dance, they don’t let no preacher stop them, even if he got the Nobel Prize!), Wesley is sitting close to a lady at this hotel bar. And no karate kicks or nothing. He’s not even talking; he’s listening!

(Note: Listen to a woman without undressing her with your eyes. Hmmn. Could be a lesson for the daddy).

But a brotha just knew that Wesley would soon spring into action, that some eye-roving, woman-leering, drug dealing thug was going to come up and touch Angela (She so fine-Lawd, have mercy!) Bassett and Wesley would mop the floor with him and his two sidekicks, sweep a fainting Angela (She so fine-a little mercy, if you please!) off her feet, take her to his hotel room, do The NASTY and some serious screaming for real!

What's this? Instead of rearranging the nose of a drug dealer, Wesley is talking, ratting on hisself, confessing that he’s married to a white woman, that he loves her, that she’s dying but that he intends to see the situation through. And she never threw a drink in his face, curse him out, call him a traitor to his race or anything!

(Note: Be open and honest with a woman. Hmmn. Could be a lesson for the daddy).

A little misty

But this is the scene that kind of got to the daddy. See, It’s about a year later. Angela (She so fine-Lawd, I’m on bended knees!) is divorced from her husband, and she’s back home spending some quality time with her beautiful daughter. Then, while her daughter is checking out mommy's makeup in the bathroom,Angela (She so fine-Lawd, I’m getting dizzy!) reads the letter from Wesley. He says he's still watching his wife die day by day, that he still loves his wife, that he’s still going to see it through, but that he'll never forget that night when they met in the bar, forgot about ass-kicking and spent time just lying close to each other.And You can see from the water welling up in her eyes that she agreed with him...a brotha gotta say that this scene brought a little water to the daddy's eyes...made him... a little misty...A brotha had to step back and remember that he was an ass-kicker himself back in the day, that he held his own between the ropes boxing at the neighborhood vet club, that he dunked a few times in a high school basketball game, that he was a young terror catching balls and scoring touchdowns on the football field...long sigh...A brotha had to check hisself. The daddy is a man.

(Note: A woman loves it when a man is loyal to a relationship. Hmmn. Could be a lesson for the daddy).

Okay, the movie was alright. The writing was good, with no phony ending or predictable solutions but more like life itself: incomplete. You learn from mistakes and try to do better in the next relationship. Yes,the acting was good by all, even by those who weren’t the big stars. Yes, the directing by Forrest Whittaker was good. But that was expected because, when it comes to movies or the theater, that brotha can do anything. And, okay, the daddy learned that ole Wesley can do more than kick ass. He can do some serious acting and maybe dispense a lesson or two.

But don’t go badmouthing the daddy, saying he had to use a bunch of Kleenex, because he got weak-kneed and started boo-hooing over some chick flick. A brotha got a little misty is all.The daddy is a man.


Somebodies Friend said...

Another great repost Daddy, I remember when this one first ran last summer I believe, and it is as valid now as it was then.

Nothing like a little humor to get me going on a Saturday morning.

Hope all is well MacDaddy!

rainywalker said...

You know one comment does not the truth make. I come to your blog which is serious to learn, get some truth and no soft soap. If you choose to set naked and write your blog it will not effect the content or why I come here. Write what your heart tells you. Besides look at all the followers you have. I don't believe they are here for the laughs. But if they are, close your curtains if you set naked writing youe blog!

MacDaddy said...

Somebody: Yes, sometimes we need a little humor to balance the mind and make us smile.

Rainywalker: I appreciate that you take this blog seriously. I try to write things that are meaningful. But one need not be super-serious to make a serious point. The old, great comedians like Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, and Richard Pryor and many others told funny stories that made very serious points about American society.

I throw 95 miles an hour fastballs. But,occasionally, I mix in a 85 miles an hour hard slider and a slow curve that drops quickly. I think it keeps things interesting. But we'll see what other readers have to say.

Robster said...

Mac, it takes a real man to admit he'll watch a chick flick. You won't catch me calling you out for this one.

I think your blog is fine the way it is. I'm with rainywalker on this one. Keep on doing what you've been doing. said...

Hey there!

I don't think your blog is too serious.... my blog is serious too! Life is serious!

I still like to have fun... I just don't use my pulpit for entertainment purposes that's all...


I am glad you said, "A brotha got a little misty is all.The daddy is a man."

My dad always said that "A REAL MAN is in touch with his humanity and that INCLUDES the range of his sensitivity, and the constitution of his masculinity and femininity."

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

MacDaddy said...

Lisa: Thanks for coming and your kind comments. I needed that. I'm so glad you're coming to see The Daddy again. He missed his cyberspace minister (smile). Blessings.

MadMike said...

I paid particular attention to those little lessons written in red Daddy:-). I enjoyed this read...

g-e-m2001 said...

AW! That's great that you can watch a "romance" movie. I remember when Waiting to Exhale came out. If we only knew then what we know now.

MacDaddy said...

g-e-m2001: Thanks for dropping by and appreciate my humorous attempt to dispense a few lessons to my male friends. Please know I appreciate you and the great work you do over at WAOD. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

"Note: A woman loves it when a man is loyal to a relationship. Hmmn. Could be a lesson for the daddy)."
Daddy, you haven't learned that lesson yet?