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Thursday, June 4, 2009

President Obama's speech to the Muslim world: change The Daddy can believe in

U.S. President Barack Obama, right, tours the Sultan Hassan Mosque with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, left, in Cairo, Egypt, today. Obama arrived in Egypt for high level meetings before delivering a much heralded speech to an audience at Cairo University.(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

"The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements."
--President Barack Obama

Listen up. The Daddy is feeling The Prez's speech to the Muslim world in the auditorium of the Cairo University campus in Cairo, Egypt. Now, The Daddy knows that the speech was hardly finished before the paid foreign policy wonks of CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC (ho's of the pimp corporate media) began to fulfill their roles as what some say, "nattering nabobs of negativity."

But do not be deceived. What The Prez did was historic and mind changing. What he did was provide a new framework within which Muslim and non-Muslim world can work with each other. He opened the door to the Muslim world and said, "I'm coming in but in a different role: as partner and not as an empire."

The Prez spoke to the Muslim world about issues about which they care most; and he brought home points several times by quoting from Koran, the Muslim bible (You know: it's kind of hard disagree with someone when he or she is quoting from your most prized book).

The Prez spoke of the suffering of the Palestinians for having lost their homeland. Israelis are prized for speaking of their suffering from missiles launched in or near the homes with which they have stolen from the Palestinians. But rarely do we hear of the Palestinians suffering from having lost their homes, being unable to work their crops by Israeli soldiers, or reeling from constant starvation. But The Prez said, "The situation for the Palestinians is intolerable" and Israel needs to make "concrete steps" to help Palestinians in their daily lives as a process to the road to peace. This is a far cry from the previous administration, which basically rubber stamped a right-wing Israeli government, when it wasn't ignoring it altogether.

The Prez spoke to the Muslim world without talking down to them. He recognized that the Muslim world was not monolithic: that it speaks in many languages and traditions. He let them know that he recognized that, despite those traditions, despite the small number of violent extremists who grew out of them, Islam and its principles are about peace.

But The Prez also made it clear that, despite the fear, the Muslim world must reach toward modernity, including democratic principle and equality of women. Accepting that change, said The Prez, includes creating new partnerships, developing new businesses and new jobs for its people.

And he spoke of a relationships with Muslims where the U.S. will some day be viewed as a partner, and not as an enemy.

Hey, Prez, forget the pundits. The relationships you are attempting to build with this speech represents a new start in the U.S. relationships with the Muslim world. Whether it works is anyone's guess. But the important thing is that you're making the attempt. Once again, you kept your campaign promise to speak to Muslims in a Muslim capitol. Once again, you kept your promise to sketch out a way to improve relations in the Middle East, perhaps the most challenging region in the world.

Prez, seeking to work with Muslim nations not as a powerful though aging empire, but as a new partner and ally is change The Daddy can believe in.


Robster said...

I hope it works. I thought it was an outstanding speech. I'll know for sure by how bad O'Reilly, Beck and Hannity are frothing in the mouth over it in the coming days.

MacDaddy said...

Robster: Yes it was. And in the speech you can see a continuing pattern. Obama makes a speech that sets an issue or even in a different framework. The details come later.

Verna Monson said...

Thanks for the summary -- all I can say is the "Prez" (ha) demonstrates the power of thought. He clearly has a more complex way of thinking about our "enemy" than our past president, and conservative extremists. If conservatives were to really take to heart how their thinking doesn't measure up, they might be willing to listen and change / learn. It seems at the heart of their resistance to change is religious / moral exclusion and intolerance of diversity.

So I pose this question to you, Daddy, let's say that you had a weekend in a cabin with a religious conservative, would it be possible to change / persuade them to seeing the wisdom of what the "Prez" did in his speech? Or would it be like persuading a garden hose to coil up on its own volition . . .

N un in the Hood said...

For me, President obama's speech was HISTORIC and PROPHETIC. Naturally, the critica will just call it rhetoric...I believe there is a POWER IN WORDS. It is for THE WHOLE PEOPLE to mobilize into action! And this pres said some pretty courageous things....Amazng how the WHOLE WORLD sees the global leadership in this man....AMAZING!!!!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

President Obama is slowly but surely building the USA a decent reputation as listeners and partners in the world we ALL inhabit equally.

MacDaddy said...

Verna: Interesting thought But I could be in a cabin with a religious conservative three weekends in a row, and I still don't think i'd get them to change. They would be too self-righteous. But who knows? I might make a dent. Then they could meet someone smart like you to continue their education.
Thanks for coming.

CareyCarey said...

Hello, I agree, it was a great spee
ch. Obama is a thinker. I believe "right" rules his heart.

I know this question:

"....let's say that you had a weekend in a cabin with a religious conservative, would it be possible to change / persuade them to seeing the wisdom of what the "Prez" did in his speech? Or would it be like persuading a garden hose to coil up on its own volition"

...was directed @ The Daddy but I have an opinion that's begging to get out *smile*.

I think the answer is simple. President Obama speaks with so much truth that it's difficult not to listen.
The Conservatives may not be persuaded to change because change is not a natural course for any of us. With change comes discomfort and the responsibilty of admiting something may be wrong. If we want to keep it real (truth be told) 99.95%of us never get there. Real change takes a courage that most will never aquire. I know those statements are like calling a thief a thief or like telling a lier they are a lier. They are still going to lie and steal but....

**raising the bar even higher **

Consequently, if we are speaking of a group of individauls that are deeply entrenched in their beliefs, change may never come in the morning. However, that does not mean they will not see the wisdom of his words.

MacDaddy said...

CareyCarey: You speak as a man of wisdom. I'll take some time and think about what you said. Have a good weekend, brotha.

MadMike said...

Right on Carey Carey!! I love the garden hose analogy. I might use that at some point in the future if you don't mind.

Vigilante said...

No doubt that Obama intends to go further than nay previous president in being even handed toward Palestinians and Israelis. It maybe too late, if not too little.