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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mind the Heart, a Poem from The Daddy

Listen up. A couple of years ago, The Daddy was in Palm Springs, California. He was sitting on a stool at the end of a dim-lit bar called The Hogs Breath Inn, which is owned by movie actor and director Clint Eastwood.

The Daddy had said some things that could have been hurtful to a friend. He felt bad about it. So, while sitting at the bar, he wrote this poem. It was advice more for myself than anyone else.

Mind the Heart
by Mac Walton

Mind it
In the morning, at noon, and
Late at night.
On weekdays and weekends when stars
warm and heal til dawn’s early light.


Mind it
On anniversaries and special events
When the heart’s love rises high
Its guard slumbers low.

Mind it
When the marriage, like oxygen, becomes
Staid and routine, the mind weary and slow.


Mind it
Before divorce, before anger
Seethes above the crying just below, before
Winds take love to a place you once
Dared not go.

copyright 2008 by Mac Walton, Cultural Dynamics Inc.


Somebodies Friend said...

Great Poem McDaddy!

You haven't featured much of your own poetry for a while, good to see you post one.


Kellybelle said...

Love it. My heart needs minding.

XO said...

S'sF is right...a heartfelt poem we can all relate to. How about sharing a few more of your poems? It's refreshing to have a break from life's heavier news and preoccupations from time to time. Besides, you're a talented poet! Maybe a few from your 60's series?...

Nun in the Hood said...

Hi, MacDaddy...Minding the heart is probably the most important thing we do in a day....Minding the heart means to me attending to the PRESENT MOMENT...being attentive to the Other....Letting the moment unfold....We'll never have THIS moment again.....I am presently listening to a series of tapes by PEM CHODRON, an American Budhist nun. she says:"The happiness we seek is HERE to connect with at any time....we just may have to 'drop the story line' and find that soft (messy) place in ourselves where compassion resides."
Thanks you for the sensitive poem that demonstrates once again the breadth of your vision and wisdom...MORE POEMS BY THE MACDADDY. PLEASE!

rainywalker said...

There are times we do not say that last closing, last word and there are no more. This poem to me represents closure for those who are left behind.

MacDaddy said...

Somebody: Thanks. I think I will post more of my poetry.

Kellybelle: I miss hearing from you. Because of the word notification, I can't comment on your blog. But I still coming to see you.

XO: Yes, I'll posting more of my poems from that book. And you're right: people are getting sick of fickle American politics.

Nun: Yous speak well and true. Thanks.

Rainywalker: If we're minding the heart, there is a certain place you do not go, even if that other person goes there.

msladydeborah said...

Very nice and definitely true.

judy said...

Love that last line, Daddy. I haven't made time to visit my favorite blogs lately. You've been writing... Here I go to read more!

Corey said...

This is my first exposure to your OWN poetry, MacDaddy! I am not surprised that, like your blogposts, I find it comes from your heart! You have a very sensitive side and I appreciate that you SHOW IT ! ! Minding the heart, for me, right now, means being a grown-up. I guess if we mind our hearts a little bit better, we won't have to worry too much about what escapes our lips. I still have a lot of growing up to do, bro! But I LOVE IT! It's a WONDERFUL PROCESS that I'm finding NEVER ENDING!