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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Arm Yourself with Facts and Stand Up for Women's Rights

Check this out. The following is a from The International Planned Parenthood folks Check it out. The daddy says, armed yourself with the facts and stand up with your sisters to get Bush to put more money in the federal budget to protect women's rights.

Take action to improve the health and rights of women around the world!

Recently, President Bush submitted a $3.1 trillion budget request to Congress for 2009. Unfortunately the amount he allocated for family planning within that budget, $470m, falls drastically short of the need.

The graphs below illustrate just how low the funding level really is. The allocation requested for international affairs in 2009 is a mere 1.27% of the $3.1 trillion total, and within that only 16% is for global health, of which 5% is for family planning.

As the FY2009 budget goes to Congress for approval, it is urgent that we act now!

Join 91 members of the House of Representatives who are asking the appropriate committees in the House and Senate to invest a total of $1 billion in voluntary family planning programs and services for 2009.

More than 200 million women of reproductive age around the world have no access to contraceptives, and studies show that the fair US share of the total funding necessary to meet their needs is $1B, a modest $530m increase from last year’s level.

Each year, more than 500,000 women around the world die during pregnancy and childbirth. One in five of women seek an abortion because she lacks access to modern contraceptive methods. Approximately 68,000 women die each year as a result of unsafe abortions; and 5.3 million women are injured.

We can end this tragedy! $1 billion for family planning programs will have a significant impact in developing countries, where improved access to education, information and health care will save millions of lives.

Click here to ask your member of Congress to support the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women by doubling the current funding level for international family planning to $1 billion for 2009.

Thank you for your urgent support.


Carmen Barroso
Regional Director
International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region

e people don't even want us, is not even throwing much chump change for women's health. Get armed with this article, replete with graphs and analysis, then sign up to give the village idiot and is bureaucratic cronies a piece of your mind. Don't forget it.


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