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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Skeptical Brotha Is...Well...Skeptical

A straight talker given to flights of eloquence. A griot with a powerful voice. A focused, dry-eyed cynic bathing in knowledge. That's the 30-something African from the Carolinas called the Skeptical Brotha.

SB is especially cynical and skeptical about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Check out this less than flattering assessment:

"Supposedly, the worldly celebrity sophisticates from Chappaqua now revel in having to come down from their $109 million dollar mountaintop to rub shoulders with ordinary farmers and shift workers, and enjoy being forced to engage in a morally bankrupt blood sport to deny Barack Obama the White House in order to preserve Hillary Clinton’s post 2008 Presidential viability. I don’t believe a word, baby."

And his feelings about Sen. Clinton reinventing herself as champion of the working class as hubby Bill works a small crowd of overall-wearing "good ole boys" outside a mom-and-pop cafe?

"For Billary to attempt masquerading as champions of the working class is funnier than Larry Craig explaining his wide stance. For the record, Bill and Hillary Clinton got to where they are by servicing the needs of white corporate power. Period. Anybody who says anything different is crazier than Britney Spears."

eptical Brotha: Tell us how you REALLY feel. And keep laying down the knowledge; Keep it, well, skeptical.


Christopher Chambers said...

Don't you think it's time to start aiming this rancor back on the GOP? Irony is they are implicit in this to McCain: shut up, stay out of the way and enjoy the free ride whilst we/Fox/radio shows/bloggers do all the hacking.

For now i could care less about attacking the Clintons (another wacky layer of irony upon irony, the right wingers are saying to liberals, Dems, blackfolk "I told you so") and think the time is NOW to move to the issues of the day.

MacDaddy said...

Yes, you're right. In fact, both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama should have been going after McCain weeks ago. I know Obama had to respond to some of Sen. Clinton's attempts at knee-capping him, but I still think he should have been attacking McCain and dealing with the issues. For Clinton, it could have improved her standing with the party delegates. For Obama, it would have made him seem more presidential.

You're right: The Clinton's day in the sun is over. And Obama needs to hit the issues and McCain from today forward. Otherwise, Republicans will continue to define him. By staying on the offensive, by addressing the issues and appearing presidential, he can define himself and give the voters a positive idea of who he is and what he stands for.

On another topic, I appreciated your comments about the police on the field negro's blog last night. Blessings.

MacDaddy said...
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Nuninthehood said...

Hey, McDaddy...If I am not mistaken Bill gets $50,000 for an appearance....How's that for solidarity with the working class??????

MacDaddy said...

nuninthehood: I know he's a former US president. Still, that sounds like a lot of money for two hours of work.