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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Unofficial Funeral Program for the Hillary Clinton Campaign

I'm feeling this piece by Jasmyne Cannick over at The Daily Voice. Jasmyne is a commentator based in Los Angeles. She can be reached at: I think the invocation by Minister Louis Farrakhan is...special.
by Jasmyne Cannick

jasmynecannick.jpgThe service takes place at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, and guess who's delivering the benediction?


Trinity United Church of Christ
Chicago, IL

Family is led in by 20 year-old Emina Bicakcic of Bosnia carrying flowers

Musical Selection
"I Don't Feel No Ways Tired"

Family Prayer
Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright

Prelude Music
Elton John "The Bitch Is Dead"

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Musical Tribute
President Bill Clinton on the Saxophone

Maya Angelou

Andrew R. Young

Bob Johnson
Geraldine Ferraro
Magic Johnson
Monica Lewinsky
Maryann Pernold

Musical Selection
President Bill Clinton on Saxophone w/Daughter Chelsea Clinton
"Didn't We Almost Have It All"

Toni Morrison "Almost the first Black female President"

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright

Musical Selection
50 Cent ""I Get Money"

(Someone's got to pay for the service)

Norman Hsu

(With her to the very end...)

Rep. Alcee Hastings
Rep. Charles Rangel
Rep. Corrine Brown
Rep. David Scott
Rep. Dianne Watson
Rep. Donna Christian-Christensen
Rep. Edolphus Towns
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver
Rep. Gregory Meeks
Rep. Kendrick Meek
Rep. Laura Richardson
Rep. Maxine Waters
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones
Rep. Yvette Clarke

Honorary Pallbearers

President G.W. Bush
Gov. Bill Richardson
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Sen. Barack Obama
Sen. John Edwards
Sen. John McCain
Gov. Howard Dean
Rep. Ron Paul
Gov. Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney
Sen. Joe Biden
Sen. Christopher Dodd
Sen. Mike Gravel
Gov. Tom Vilsak
Rudy Giuliani
Sen. Sam Brownback
Gov. Jim Gilmore
Rep. Duncan Hunter
Rep. Tom Tancredo
Sen. Fred Thompson
Gov. Tommy Thompson
Alan Keyes
Rep. Cynthia McKinney
Gov. Howard Dean



SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yea, it's over in oh so many ways for Billary.
I heard her last night and she just sounded like a spoiled rotten little kid who didn't get her way trying to sound otherwise.

William "Papa" Meloney said...

Sooooo good! Thank you. (BTW: I owe you.)

Anonymous said...

I will try my comment, much shorter again....Simply to sayt that while I do not in any way 'endorse' Hillary, I feel that she gave it her all...and many, including myself, question her motes....But I feel that she has the right to decide when it's over and bow out graciously...Let's US not get negative.....

Anonymous said...

I lopved the OBAMA/EDWARDS piece which I responded to but could not get through.

MacDaddy said...

sagacious: You're right. I think she has learn quickly how to exit gracefully. In the end, I think she will.
anon: I certainly am not questioning her right to stay in the race. You say she "gave it her all." That's true too. Sadly, that all included exaggerating (and i'm being kind now) her resume as First Lady, suggesting that a member of her own party, the probable nominee for president, and her colleague in the senate, was unelectable and race-baiting a representative from a people (African Americans) who supported her and her husband's worst period(impeachment). Don't forget that, during the impeachment phase, it was black people like Vernon Jordan, Rev. Jessie Jackson, and, yes, Rev. Wright and blacks from the civil rights movement who defended the Clinton family. Her race-baiting was nothing less than betrayal to black people. That is why they turned against her. Thanks.

MacDaddy said...

William: What do you think of John Edwards as VP? He was actually my first choice for president.

Beth said...

I am a supporter of Senator Barack Obama & work full time (++) as a volunteer for his campaign. As there is humor in this, it is not funny. It is everything Barack Obama does not stand for. It is something that Senator Hillary Clintons Camp would put out. Do not be negative. This will come to a very graceful end. We need her support in the General. She was/is a worthy opponent. This may also offend her voter/volunteer base and turn them against us. We need to Unite not Divide. Take off your boots & gloves & extend your hand in a Congradulatory Salute and hand shake to Thank HRC, for all of her hard work that has been done & will do for Barack in this future General Election!

Anonymous said...

Beth I agree completely. It's always easy to take cheap shots but we can't lose sight of our goal in the general and the only way we can do this is to unite all democrats

Beth said...

Thank you Anonymous, I just "Hope" that everyone else can understand this. Because, "Yes We Can" if the Democrats Unite. We will be Unstoppable!

MacDaddy said...

Beth: You may be right. The piece may be a bit harsh. And I do appreciate Obama and his staff's attempt to take the high road; and, for the most part, I believe his campaign has succeeded in doing so. Two things First: I'm a writer. As a writer, I feel I owe readers, first and foremost, the truth. The truth is that she has run a terrible campaign which has included an embarrassing amount of pandering (even for politicians). She has said that a member of another party is more qualified to be president than the probable nonimee and colleague in her own party. She and her husband have resorted to race-baiting against Barack and, by extesnion, African Americans, who have been her most loyal supporters, especially during their worst hours. You may recall that, when her husband was being impeached, it was black people who were constantly in and out of the White House: Vernon Jordan; Rev. Jessie Jackson; Congressman Lewis, Rev. Wright, to name only a few. For Hillary to racebait her most loyal supporters, the most loyal constituency of the democratic party is nothing less than betrayal. So before letting by-gones be bygones, I have an obligation to speak the truth.

Having said that, I will congratulate Sen. Clinton for making a graceful exit. That would include her calling on her supporters to unite behind Obama and an apology to Obama for some of the things she said about him, which Republicans will definitely use against him in the general.

By the way, I did post an article about why Hillary lost to Obama. I don't think it was harsh, but I do believe it was fair. Let me know what you think. And come again.

Beth said...

Hey macdaddy! As horrible as HRC was during her campaign with what I like to call her Rove-esch tactics. It eventually made our voter & volunteer base mauch stronger. People of all races were so turned off by their strategies that they jumped the fence and became very important volunteers & voters. So as I didn't like what had been done in particularly with the Rev. Wright (my teenage sons couldn't believe that people were upset by his comments, they've been called "Niggers" by white kids at different times in their lives & know the truthfulness of his words.) This has actually worked to our advantage. But Thank you so much for your response back to me and I will read your article and will "be back" to your Blog & Publishing.

MacDaddy said...

Hey, Beth: I agree. The Rove-like tactics did backfire on Clinton's. I think history will record that Hillary was ill-served by her advisors. But I appreciate your critical thinking and would really appreciate your feedback on the piece I wrote last night about why Hillary lost the campaign. I think that, contained in there somewhere, is a lesson in it for future politics-- a lesson that Barack talks about. Place a comment uder that article, okay?

By the way, I was one of those black folks who defended the Clintons against right wing Republicans. Be well.