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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Little Reality for the Pitiful Billary Folks

I love the elegant rantings and ravings of the sagacioushillbilly. Here's his latest.

This little ditty from MSNBC. . .

Her chief strategist, Howard Wolfson, said West Virginia is a key swing state that Republicans won in 2000 and 2004, and that the former first lady will put back in the Democratic column. He challenged Obama to beat her there if the senator from Illinois wants her out of the race.

"Why can't Senator Obama beat Senator Clinton in West Virginia?". . . Wolfson said on "Fox News Sunday."

Why can't Obama win in WV?

You gotta be kidding Howard. WV is the most red necked, working class, uneducated white state in the nation. Maybe there is one that is moreso, but I doubt it. Kentucky comes in a close second. Obama will win neither.
The good thing is that the white working class racist vote is no longer essential for winning the presidency. Obama will win taking the big states where well educated whites and many minority people live. With that demographic, the electoral college is his.
Yea, it would be nice if things were different. It would be nice if my home state were enlightened enough to help put the first African-American president into office. It would be nice if we weren't a part of the backward, uneducated, ignorant working class mass of proles in this country. Alas, we are . . . and we'll soon learn that we don't matter anymore when we once again vote for the republican good ol boy candidate.

Howard Wolfson; why don't you and Terry McAuliffe go to a backroom somewhere and do your knob job bullshit on each other instead of dirtying up the airwaves with your slobbering desperate bile. And no, nobody wants to watch. You're both no longer relevant except to each other.

I had the terrible opportunity of being in two of WV's biggest cities on Sat. In both, the Billary supporters were eon every street corner waving to cars. . . do they do that in other places?. . . I laughed at them all and even taunted a few, but the one striking thing about them was they were all lilly white. In fact, in Charleston, there were about three corners in a row where they were all male bubbas with their beer bellies, buzz cuts and slack-jawed expressions. I suspect we'll see a lot of that type of desperate support for McCain when this general election takes off. It'll be interesting to see how McCain handles the white supremist support that is going to come out of thee closet for him. . . especially here in the gold buckle of the Appalachian bible belt.


Danielle said...

Great post. I for one will be watching Mr. Straight Talk's reaction toe the bigots who'll come out and support him.

All this alleged "distancing" and running a "clean" campaign will be a 3 ring circus.

MacDaddy said...

Yes, danielle: McCain says he will run a clean campaign. His wife said the same thing. But that didn't stop him from saying that it's clear Hamas, a so-called terrorist, Islamist organization, wants Obama to win.

Clean, huh?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Gosh MacDaddy (aw shucks and kicks the dirt), no one ever used the word "elegant" in the same sentence as "Sagacious Hillbilly" before.