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Friday, May 2, 2008

How Hillary Played the Race Card and Drove a Wedge in the Femininst Movement-- by Betsy Reed

Writer Betsy Reed discusses the sexism that Sen. Clinton has faced on this complain. But she

also talks about how she and her surrogates have played the race card against her opponent Barack Obama.

"Yet what is most troubling -- and what has the most serious implications for the feminist movement -- is that the Clinton campaign has used her rival's race against him. In the name of demonstrating her superior "electability," she and her surrogates have invoked the racist and sexist playbook of the right -- in which swaggering macho cowboys are entrusted to defend the country -- seeking to define Obama as too black, too foreign, too different to be President at a moment of high anxiety about national security. This subtly but distinctly racialized political strategy did not create the media feeding frenzy around the Rev. Jeremiah Wright that is now weighing Obama down, but it has positioned Clinton to take advantage of the opportunities the controversy has presented. And the Clinton campaign's use of this strategy has many non-white and non-mainstream feminists crying foul..."

Read the full story over at the nation magazine.


Anonymous said...

Nothing surprising here. A black guy who supports Obama, another black guy, chooses to repost an anti-Hillary rant.

MacDaddy said...

I get it. Black folks only vote for black folks. Actually, black folks vote for white folks all the time. And, if you check the record, you'll find that, early in the campaign,
there was quite a bit of speculation as to why black folks weren't supporting his campaign. It was only when Clinton surrogates, especially Bill Clinton, began playing the race card (implying that Obama was just another Jessie Jackson) that blacks began to move away from the Hillary Clinton and vote for Obama.

But let me see: you're a white woman feminist who is just a little upset that your candidate, a white woman, is probably not going to get the democratic nomination for US president, which is why you didn't leave your name and posted as anonymous, right?