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Thursday, November 13, 2008


"We write because we believe the human spirit cannot be tamed and should not be trained."
--Nikki Giovanni, poet

Listen up. The daddy's been blogging only for a short time. But during that time, he has made over 198 posts, gotten 19,677 clicks on his counter. That doesn't mean 19,677 people came to my blog. But it does mean that quite a few few came; and the daddy thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

The daddy has a growing number of people who come to his blog and make comments, many of them quite insightful and passionate. What has happened was that the daddy developed an educational and respectful relationship with them, a relationship that continues to grow.

Yes, the daddy has his posse or--better yet--his crew. Hey, the daddy's got people. But most just come by, lurk for a minute, and move on. That's alright, but you know what? The daddy still wants to know you came. The new FOLLOWER widget will help with that.

In addition, the follower widget allows other people to get to know who you are, especially those of you with your own blogs. People will see your picture or logo and check out your blog. This is so cool, because many of the people who visit have wonderful blogs in their own right.


1. Go to my sidebar;
2. Click on "Follow This Blog;"
3. Decide if you want to follow publicly or anonymously (hopefully public but anonymously would be okay too); and
4. Click "Follow" at the bottom. That's all there is to it.

Thanks for coming to see me. And thanks in advance for showing the daddy some love. It will boomerang back to you. Blessings.


rainywalker said...

You've educated me daddyBstrong, your a blessing to us all and I even know where I can get an excellent cup of Joe [Java].

Christopher said...

Keep up the good work, Daddy!

Blogging is a hoot. I can't recall a time when I wasn't blogging -- which makes no sense because I just started two years ago.

MacDaddy said...

rainywalker: I could say the same about you and your excellent blog. Thanks.

christopher: There is a certain feeling about it, a certain cathartic feeling about it, isn't it? Speaking the truth. Speaking from the heart. Back home in Georgia, they call it "layin it down in the field." I love to lay it down. I think you do too. Thanks for the support.

Vigilante said...

Morning, Daddy. Jus' stoppin' by for my cup o' java. Can't get it better any where else!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

a posse or a gamg lol

sdg1844 said...

Hey there! It's always a pleasure coming here. Your candor, intelligence and honesty is much needed and appreciated.

Blogger is acting wonky as usual. When it gets right, I'll become an "official posse member."

Nun in the Hood said...

Hi,MacDaddy....I have been coming to your blog since you started, and I have found it educational, informative, passionate, artisitic,
professional, technologically savy, broad in scope, and on and on...I would like to say that I am widely read, but that would not be accurate; 'cuz of other time constraints and the fact that I read slowly, I don't get around to stuff I would like to....For that reason, coming to your blog has helped be keep abreast of many topics, and at the same time it has been entertaining in many instances...So keep it up! It's the FIX that I really need, often at the end of the day...You haved real talent, and obviously from others' comments, you have quite a following...THANKS FOR ALL!

Anonymous said...

Hey daddyBstrong, Love tuning in to your blog because I always feel like I've learned something. Your blog really has expanded my awareness of poetry, music, and politics. I feel a little smarter and a little wiser from reading your blog. I guess you were a teacher -- one of those teachers that makes you want to learn more. Thanks!

Stella said...

I came over here from Vig's blog. Happy to follow your blog, macdaddy.